What Happened To Colleen Ritzer? Autopsy Report After The Murder Details

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What Happened To Colleen Ritzer? Autopsy Report After The Murder Details

Colleen Ritzer, a math teacher at Danvers High School was murdered by her 14 years nine-grade student Philip Chism on October 22, 2013.

Chism chased Collen Ritzer into a bathroom after school that day, attacked her with a box cutter, and sexually assaulted her.

He then carried her dead body in a rubbish can to the woods behind the school. Chism faced adult charges of murder, rape, and armed robbery and was found guilty and given a life sentence. He will be able to receive parole after 40 years.

Colleen Ritzer Death Autopsy: What Happened To The Her?

Colleen Ritzer was a math teacher at Danvers High School who was murdered and raped by her own student Philip Chism on October 22, 2013.

Ritzer was a math instructor. All of her students admired her since she encouraged them to seek out her assistance even beyond school hours.

Colleen devoted her entire life to her family and her career as a teacher. Her dream and passion in life were to educate others around her.

Ritzer went to the bathroom at three o’clock and eventually¬†followed¬†her to the bathroom. Chism was hiding his face with a hood.

Philip Chism put gloves on his hands, took a sharp box cutter out of his pocket, slit Ritzer’s throat 16 times, and then raped her while strangling her after using the restroom.

The student imagined someone was getting ready in there even though the attack was most likely to be noticed.

He spread her legs out under the mound of leaves, pulled up her shirt, and inserted a three-fork tree branch into her body while staging her body in a sexually inappropriate manner.

Colleen Ritzer And Philip Chism Disappeared

Colleen Ritzer didn’t return home, and her phone went unanswered after school on 2013. Philip Chism also vanished after being reported missing with her. Two people from the same school were listed missing.

Police began their investigation at the blood-spattered crime scene, which was a toilet. Police could recognize Chism as a suspect in the crime with the aid of the security cameras at the school.

There were many holes in Chism’s crime, but as one incident led to another, the police could piece together the case, launch their investigation, and discover Ritzer’s body in a neighboring forest.

The body was taken to a lab for an autopsy. Philip Chism was the prime suspect in the case, and the police immediately began their search for him.

Philip Chism Charges

In 2016, Chism was taken to court as an adult, charged with the first-degree murder of her Algebra teacher Ritzer. Philip Chism was charged with felony murder, rape, and robbery.

In 2013, Philip Chism committed the crime while he was 14 years old. The court announced a 40-year sentence for him instead of the death penalty.

Lawyers for Chism stated that their client was not stable and made a terrible attempt while suffering from a mental ailment.

At the moment of the crime, he was not alert. In support of Chism, a psychiatrist claimed that throughout the time of the crime, Chism was experiencing visions and hearing voices.

The horrific details of the crime were revealed in the autopsy report, which said that Ritzer had been sexually assaulted with an item and stabbed 16 times in the neck.

Due to the gaps in Chism’s crime, authorities could piece together the puzzle and begin their investigation before discovering Ritzer’s death in nearby woodland. The body was taken to a lab for an autopsy

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