What Happened To Connor Harman On TikTok? Death News Surfaces On Twitter

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What Happened To Connor Harman On TikTok? Death News Surfaces On Twitter

Connor Harman, whose full name is Connor Edwardo Harmano, is active on TikTok with the username @connor.harman. He recently became viral for posting a video saying he was jumping 45 ft. Rest assured, that was just a sarcastic act against people who post their TikTok videos with sad background music.

Harman is healthy and alive, not dead yet, as the Internet assumes. His viral video that announced him dead was nonetheless a clever stunt. We advise you not to take it seriously.

Connor Harman From TikTok Is Not Dead

Connor Harman, a TikTok user, recently projected to fame for posting a video about him jumping 45 ft. The video even stated that he was dead because of the stunt. But that was actually fun and games. He did not really jump 45ft, and he certainly is not dead.

Harman is @connor.harman on TikTok and has 170.9 thousand followers on the platform. He belongs to the humorous side of TikTok, and his witty nature/skits are what get him millions of views. Most recently, he has been in talks because of a TikTok video he posted in which he declared his readiness to jump from a 45-foot height.

“Yo, My name is Connor Edward Harman; what’s going on, guys!” Harman said in the video. “I’m about to jump 45 feet. Let’s go, baby,” he remarked as he pretended to climb a fence and jump off. A depressing musical sound accompanied the entire video.

“Connor consequently broke his spine and lost his life trying to make a cool viral video,” the caption in Harman’s video stated at the end. This TikTok video of @connor.harman, posted on 17 July 2022, has amassed more than a million views. This video’s intention is purely whimsical and sarcastic, which is proved by Connor’s TikTok bio “People will believe anything they see on TikTok with the right background song.”

The video is popular among TikTok users, and Twitter seems to have no engagement or discussion on the issue.

TikTok Users React To Connor Harman’s Video

The TikToker’s comment section is pretty entertaining, much like his video. People are responding in kind to his jokes and sarcasm. “I thought this was a joke, but it must be real because of the sad background music. RIP”, a TikTok user, Jen, commented on Connor’s video.

“I’d like to say sorry for not stopping him,” another Tiktok user commented on his video, to which he replied, “Don’t apologize. Look at the views. It’s what he would have wanted:).”

Furthermore, a few TikTok users were quite confused with the context of the video. “Is this an awareness thing, or is this fr if so rip lad, but if not, well in,” one commented. Connor went in to showcase his funny side by replying, “Cheers lad acc dead x.”

The exchange of satires in Connor’s comment section is hysterical. The sound “Einaudi: Experience – Ludovico Einaudi & Daniel Hope & I Virtuosi Italiani” that Connor used in his viral video is actually where the uproar lies.

Is Connor Harman Dating Anyone?

Separating reality from taunt is tricky in Connor Harman’s case, as the TikTok artist is notorious for his rib-tickling nature. Keeping this into consideration while assuming his life event, he seems to be dating someone.

Harman uploaded a TikTok video to his account on 1 July 2022 in the sound “Shootout – Izzamuzzic & Julien Marchal. ” The video he posted is actually a trend in TikTok for showing people’s love interests. “I always wondered if a buzz cut would suit me,” Harman started his video. After a brief pause, he played slide shows of his partner’s photos and captioned them as “It does.” Not to forget, he put a red heart at the end.

If the video is genuine, Harman is dating a boy. Moreover, the hashtag in the video remarks “love,” “soulmate,” and “LGBTQ,” and the caption states “To infinity and beyond,” which further justifies that he is dating.

Connor is @connor.harmann on Instagram with 2897 followers. He has kept his Instagram account private.

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