What Happened To David Lemieux Father? Garo Melekian Death Cause & Obituary

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What Happened To David Lemieux Father? Garo Melekian Death Cause & Obituary

David Lemieux recently lost his father in a shooting in Montreal. People were confused if Garo Melekian faced death, but it was David’s biological father, Andre.

The IBF middleweight title was held in 2015 by a professional boxer from Canada named David Lemieux, born on December 22, 1988.

The deaths are the most recent in the city’s continuous outbreak of gun violence this year. They occurred after the passing of two teenagers last Thursday in Montreal West.

David Lemieux, a local boxer with a professional career, was the victim; his father was Andre Lemieux. On Wednesday, the former IBF middleweight champion posted a homage to his father on Instagram with the phrase, “R.I.P. dad.”

What Happened To David Lemieux Father?

David Lemieux, a local professional boxer, reportedly lost his father, Andre Lemieux. The former International Boxing Federation middleweight champion posted a tribute on Instagram.

The first Tuesday night shooting was reported at Jules-Poitras and Deguire Boulevards, a short distance from Roman-Zytynsky Park in the St-Laurent neighborhood, at about 9:45 p.m.

Police found the body of a 64-year-old man who had been shot at least once in the upper torso. He was pronounced dead there by the authorities.

According to numerous media reports, the murderer chose the victims at random, but according to police, they are unable to corroborate that at this moment.

At this moment, they cannot make any statements, Dandenault stated. He was unable to argue that it wasn’t, though. They are currently thinking about a variety of scenarios. They cannot entirely exclude it but cannot declare it with certainty.

Obituary: Garo Melekian Death Cause On Web

It is not Garo Melekian, but Andre Lemieux who has received many obituary posts as he passed away, and his death cause was murder in the Montreal shooting.

Tuesday night, two separate but connected shootings that left two men dead just over an hour apart are believed to have been carried out by the same shooter, according to Montreal police.

She added that investigators are not ruling out the idea that the back-to-back gunfire acts were random because there is no apparent connection between the victims.

Andre was the age of 64 years at the time of his passing away, and he was enjoying his son’s career in professional boxing. He always supported his son.

The unfortunate death was “quite new,” according to Andréanne Lambert, a representative for the boxer’s management firm, Eye of the Tiger, and the family would not be making any public pronouncements.

Info On Garo Melekian Wife And Family

Garo Melekian is married to his wife, Aznive Khavloudjian, the biological mother of David Lemieux.

Lemieux was born in Montreal, Quebec, on December 22, 1988, to Lebanese Armenian Aznive Khavloudjian and French Canadian André Lemieux.

After giving birth to a boy two years older than David, the couple split; David was conceived after his father departed from the family. His mother remarried Garo Melekian, an Armenian, who took in the two kids and mentored David.

David and his wife gave birth to their first child together. On May 9, 2022, David published a picture of himself with his future wife Jennifer and their son Xander, who had just been born.

Jennifer, David’s partner, is a well-known former diver from Canada who currently dives synchronized with Melissa Citrine-Beaulieu. Jennifer won an Olympic medal at the 2012 Summer Games.

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