What Happened To Grandma Holla? TikTok Star Passed Away!

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What Happened To Grandma Holla? TikTok Star Passed Away!

Grandma Holla, an elderly woman, was famous on social media as Grandma Holla. The older woman who was making TikTok videos to make people laugh was herself suffering from cancer.

Her naive response to things she doesn’t understand has impacted a lot of people. Michelle Williams, her granddaughter, used to film her and post the recordings to her TikTok account.

After she got hospitalized in July, her immediate family revealed that she was fighting a severe disease, Cancer.  Grandma Holla had been distracting herself from her situation which amused her online.

 What Happened To Grandma Holla? TikTok Star Passed Away!

As per the news obtained online, Grandma Holla has passed away. Many people are expressing their grief over her loss on social media.

She gained a lot of followers thanks to her funny TikTok videos. She died after struggling with cancer for a long time now.

People loved the humor that they got to see on the screen. A TikTok account named @meikab98 has garnered more than 5.9 million views after sharing a clip of her last ritual online.

In the clip, the family Grandma gathered near a pond to sprinkle her late grandmother’s ashes at the matriarch’s residence. The family had announced that they would need to take her to the hospital due to her deteriorating health.

They quickly responded by offering their prayers for her on her behalf.

Who Was Grandma Holla On TikTok?

Grandma Holla was an elderly woman who had found fame on the video-sharing platform, TikTok.

It appears that she was in her 80s, even if her exact age has not been made public. The same went for her name; everyone called her “Ms. Holla” instead of revealing it. When those videos of her were being made, her granddaughters could be seen.

In these videos, she was really honest. A plainly elderly woman, Grandma Hollawas is blissfully unaware of how things work. She thus became well-known for her hilarious interpretations.

Grandma was somehow familiar with today’s culture. She mentioned popular apps and recent celebrities a lot. However, she was unsure about how to use it in the modern environment.

Grandma Holla Obituary

The family of Grandma Holla has confirmed the news of her demise through TikTok videos. The family’s reactions to the news were quite emotional, as were those of many other TikTokers who watched the video.

In the complete, unedited footage, her family can be seen gathered on the shore in front of the glistening seas. Grandma’s TikTok account already has more than 700,000 followers.

In August 2021, her great-granddaughter and granddaughter produced her debut video as a joke on her.

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