What Happened To J Balvin? Colombian Singer Death News Update, Where Is He Now?

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What Happened To J Balvin? Colombian Singer Death News Update, Where Is He Now?

J Balvin’s death information created havoc over the internet a few months ago.

J Balvin is a well-known Colombian singer notable as “Principe del Reggaeton.” He has been active in the musical world for almost two decades.

During those times, he has sold over 35 million records worldwide, renowned as one of the best-selling Latin music artists.

He has managed to win around eleven Billboard Latin Music Awards, followed by five MTV Video Music Awards and much more. However, the information of losing such a great artist circulated on the web in March 2022.

It was the most shocking and devastating moment for his fan followers, who admired him from the bottom of their hearts.

Singer J Balvin Death Cause And Obituary

In March 2022, singer J Balvin’s death information swirled over the internet, with Twitter users starting to tribute the artists. It all started after Wikipedia updated his profile page with his death.

Following the words on the street, he reportedly passed away after the car accident when he collided with a drunk driver. There is no obituary on the artists, but just theories emerged with the death rumors.

At the time, the posts, “J Balvin was found dead” flooded the internet. Many users believed the information from Wikipedia, claiming that he died on 3 March 2022.

Meanwhile, the English version of the website wrote that “Error: Invalid birth date for calculating age” in the section died. Presently, Wikipedia has already erased the death information, and his profile bio is back to normal.

The artist’s death hoax started after his Wikipedia profile led several people to believe he had passed away.

Is J Balvin Still Alive?

Yes, J Balvin is still alive, and he is all safe and sound. He is active in his musical career and will soon be at the ACE awards to receive an international style icon award.

Moreover, the Wikipedia page has already changed the false information about the artist’s death. Although it created a chaos at the time, the rumors soon got debunked on the web.

Also, J Balvin has updated several posts on his social media, updating his followers about himself after the March death hoax.

Wikipedia features allowing every internet user to edit and update the information might have been the reason behind this issue.

Nevertheless, the false information cleared, and his worried, sick fan followers breathed relief after knowing that the artist was still alive.

Meet J Balvin Wife Or Girlfriend Valentina Ferrer

J Balvin is in a relationship with his girlfriend, or wife-to-be Valentina Ferrer. The couple started dating in 2018 and has been together till now, for over three years.

Their family completed with a little boy, who the couple welcomed on 27 June 2021 in New York City. He was their first child and a step towards their parenthood.

Besides being a great mom, and a partner, Valentina is a famous Argentine model and Miss Argentina 2014. She is also an actress and TV host.


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