What Happened To mayengg03? Death Cause And Obituary Of The Tiktok Girl

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What Happened To mayengg03? Death Cause And Obituary Of The Tiktok Girl

mayengg03 Full Death Video Explained – What Happened?

mayengg03, a popular username on Tiktok, posted a video on her Tiktok account in June 2021, which bewildered the whole internet world.

Following the popularity of a homicide video she posted on her profile, Mayengg03 has gained a lot of followers on TikTok. Many people are pushing for authorities to look into the incident depicted in the execution video since it has generated many unanswered concerns.

Initially not so famous, mayengg03 shot to fame after sharing a video of the girl being decapitated. As a result, the video attracted thousands of views. Since the video was extremely horrifying and violated company policies, TikTok removed it.

mayengg03 Full Death Video Explained – What Happened?

Although Tiktok erased its platform’s terrifying full-death video, they were already too late. People have uploaded them on other social media platforms, and thus, it becomes viral.

In that short clip, mayengg03 first appeared hoofing to the song “I’m going in tonight” by StarBoi3 and Doja Cat. However, after a brief interval, the scene abruptly altered, shocking everyone with its horrific nature.

The video shows two men, among who one repeatedly used a sharp knife to slit a girl’s throat and depicted further instances of viciously killing the girl. A man was seen slashing the throat of a girl whose hand was held by a rope in a bathroom in an unnamed place. The video instantly went viral and shook the internet as a whole.

The girl whose murder scene is depicted in the film is currently the subject of interest among online people, who also want to know the circumstances behind her untimely death.

Where Is mayengg03 Now?

After it went viral at the speed of light, people began searching for her on all the websites they could locate. The viewers eagerly anticipate the backdrop of the narrative in the video. Many people ponder if the video is real or whether it was manipulated or edited.

No one could have predicted that a teenage girl would upload such a gruesome film online, which is why everyone was taken aback by it. After the video was extensively circulated online, Tiktok banned the account of “Mayenggo3” and removed it from its service.

The officials also attempt to track down the real offender in the video. Sadly, nothing is known about the child because she has a Tiktok account and doesn’t use any other social networking platforms.

Who is Tiktoker mayengg03? Real Identity

mayengg03 is a Tiktok user who uploads various dance videos on her account. She is a youthful content and digital developer. However, since she uploaded the video, Tiktok has deactivated her account.

According to the reports, she has a sizable fan base on Tiktok, and many of her earlier reels have also piled a significant amount of fame and admiration from her fans. On top of that, her real name, country, and place of residence are unknown.

Similar Cases Of Murder Captured Live On Tiktok

The graphic death video posted by mayengg03 is not the first time a death video has been recorded live on Tiktok. A 10-year-old Italian girl perished after taking part in a Tiktok challenge, popular among teenagers.

Antonella Sicomero kills herself after attempting the TikTok blackout challenge was alleged to have worn a belt around her neck just before she passed away. In the challenge, one has to tie a belt around their neck and tightly hold it as long as possible.

Another similar incident shows a 16-year-old Tiktoker Kalecia Williams, who was in her hotel room making Tiktok videos, was shot and killed by a strange man who entered her room.

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