What Happened To Neil Almeida? Death Cause And Obituary Details Of The Tiktok Star

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What Happened To Neil Almeida? Death Cause And Obituary Details Of The Tiktok Star

Obituary: Who Was Neil Almeida? Death Cause Age Family And Instagram

  • Neil Almeida, from Cape Coral, Florida, age 37, died On August 3, 2022, and people are waving tribute to the Tiktok star
  • The Florida native was a TikTok content creator who used to inspire people and was involved in charity work.
  • His friend Corey Anderson shared the news via Tiktok and mentioned their friendship.

Neil Almeida, Florida Tiktok Star aks DJ Tunzaphun, passed away on August 3, 2022, and his father spread the news by contacting people.

Almeida was a TikTok content creator and a fun-loving personality. He has 111k followers on his TikTok account. Also, the content creator was one of the absolute best souls on the Tiktok app. Besides this, he was active on Youtube, Instagram, Twitter, and other websites.

Obituary; Who Was Neil Almeida?

Almeida was a man from Cape Coral, Florida, who died on August 3, 2022. His obituary is all over the internet. At approximately 5: 14 p.m, his passing away news spread. In 2002, Neil joined the SWIC college and completed his graduation in 2006.

Additionally, Neil finished his studies in Graphic Design. He was a Web Development and Administration and Electronic Publishing Specialist and content creator in Tiktok. On July 25, 2022, the designer posted his last video on Tiktok.

In the video, he quoted when your brother drove from NC to see you, and you heard a weird sound coming from the bathroom. He has asked his followers. Can you guess what he was watching? In his last video, people shared their heartfelt comfort for his family.

Someone mentioned he was an inspiration to so many people. People will miss him, and they provide consolings to his entire family. Even someone commented they had just found out the news, and he was a fantastic friend of Corey Anderson.

Anderson shared the news via Tiktok that a friend messaged him about the incident. He said if he had passed away, Neil would have made a video about him. A few days ago, Neil contacted Anderson and said let’s meet, but he was busy then.

In the Tiktok video, Anderson disclosed about the late content creator and pinned, ‘Neil was a friend of mine. I was in life with his sister and heard his Dad is contacting people. My video is staying up. Others are sending condolences.’

The first time Anderson and Neil met was in 2020 on thanksgiving. They were excited to meet each other. They talked for a couple of nights after that; they got in touch. He was a genuine, friendly, happy guy. So many good friends surrounded people like Neil.

Almeida’s cause of death and funeral arrangement is not yet updated. However, the news was confirmed by his father after he contacted the people about his demise. His fans commented heaven had gained a wonderful angel today on the video posted by his friend.

Further, Neil’s followers and well-wishers were praying to him and his family. He used to work for good deeds and influenced people. He was a cheerful soul who left the earth at a young age.

Neil Almeida Age And Family On Instagram

Almeida was a 36 years old average fun-loving man seeking an extreme weight loss journey. Previously he was 760.4 pounds and reached 250 pounds. Currently, he has lost weight and is down to 197 pounds.

Presently, his family may be grieving from the heartbreaking news. He was a fun-loving man who used to share entertaining videos on his social account. The social influencer was active on Instagram under the handle @djtunzaphun and collected 1963 followers.

On June 25, Neil shared his last video of enjoying himself with his friends, blowing a candle to earn money, which was amusing to watch. On December 11, 2020, Neil shared about the charity show.

Neil captioned, ‘Anyone in the Palm Beach Gardens area should come by and have a good time while celebrating a good cause.’ Two members hosted a Charity Car & Truck Show to bring some unwrapped toys so they could help provide a great Christmas to some wonderful kids.

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