What Was Denise Golgin Death Cause? Obituary And Funeral Service Explained

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What Was Denise Golgin Death Cause? Obituary And Funeral Service Explained

Denise Golgin’s death at 48 has been a grief-stricken memory for her loved ones.

Denise Golgin departed from his world on 5 September 2015 on Saturday. After all those years, her family still recalls her and her memories from the past days.

She was known to be a charismatic woman who would please everyone with his likable personality. No wonder people would get attached to her quickly, bringing out the best memory.

People have known her as a woman with loads of hobbies like camping, crafting, auto racing, and spending time with the ocean and cats.

Let’s hear more about the woman known for her kind heart and fascinating nature.

RIP: Denise Golgin Death Cause And Obituary

Denise Golgin served at St. Margaret’s Hospital as a polysomnographic tech in Spring Valley. She took her last breath on 5 September 2015, and reportedly her death cause was a health complication due to cancer.

Denise’s known ones wished her RIP, giving her family condolences, while her loved ones announced the Obituary and held the memorial service at Mueller-Pagani Funeral Home.

As reported by various websites on the internet, she had been battling cancer for a long time before she passed away. She was born to her parents, Kenneth and Kathi, on 11 July 1967.

She passed away in September, nearly after a month of celebrating her birthday. She married her partner Terry Lee Golgin on 20 October 1995 in Las Vegas, NV.

Moreover, she was also a mother of three daughters, Tiara, Tanya, and Cassie Radtke-Witek, who helped him survive till the end.

How Did Denise Golgin Die?

There is no accurate information on how Denise Golgin died. However, it got known that she had been suffering from health complications and reportedly was diagnosed with Cancer when she lost her life.

Her sudden death was a devastating moment for her loved ones, who were helping her to survive. Known for her character of loving to spend time with her friends and family, her loved ones miss her to the present day.

Before Golgin, her grandparents had passed away. Both her maternal grandparents, Ann and Leroy Cooper, and paternal grandparents, Ester and Warren Schumacher.

We hope her beautiful soul rests peacefully and would like to send our comfort and condolence to her family, who still remember her.

Was Denise Golgin Killed?

No official news has reported Denise Golgin getting killed or attacked. However, she reportedly lost her life due to health issues.

She appears to be a brave woman who has been battling her Cancer every day. Despite all the struggles and hope to get cured, she sadly passed away.

Her family members helped her survive to the end while also helping out with her problems.

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