What Was John Eastman Net Worth At Death? Career Earnings Of Over $30 Million

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What Was John Eastman Net Worth At Death? Career Earnings Of Over $30 Million

American lawyer John Eastman has left behind a net worth of around $10 million to his wife and family. The son of Beatles’ former lawyer Lee Eastman died at the age of 83 due to cancer.

John Eastman was an American professional lawyer best known as the son of former Beatles’ attorney Lee Eastman.

He spent most of his years in law and even worked as a law professor for years before retiring.

John’s death news has shocked many Beatles fans. The veteran lawyer passed away at the age of 83 on August 11, 2022. The cause of his death was identified as pancreatic cancer.

Eastman’s brother-in-law Paul McCartney shared his condolences via a tweet that featured an image of the two.

John has left behind a wife named Jodie Eastman but info on his children is available yet.

How Rich Was John Eastman? Net Worth At Death

Paul McCartney’s brother-in-law John Eastman’s net worth is evaluated at around $10 million.

Coming from a privileged family, John hasn’t struggled financially. He is known for his lavish spending to maintain a comfortable lifestyle.

Most recently in 2019, John bought a $26.5 million penthouse located in Carnegie Hill, New York. Further, he also owns several other real estate properties and assets worth millions.

Further, his father Lee Eastman is believed to have left a fortune of $300 million to his family after his death.

Following his father Lee Eastman’s footsteps, John also became a professional lawyer. He later worked as a law professor and was the Center for Constitutional Jurisprudence’s founding director.

John Eastman Career Earnings And Salary As Lawyer

John Eastman’s career earnings amount to over $30 million.

However, the exact figure may vary according to sources, A professional lawyer, John mostly earned from representing his celebrity clients.

Further, Eastman’s salary amount is not currently available. However, judging by his lifestyle and spending, John’s annual salary must be at least a million dollars.

Rest in Peace, John Eastman: Paul McCartney’s brother-in-law and Linda’s brother. Here is Paul McCartney, John and Lee Eastman captured in 1974 playing a spot of badminton. https://t.co/AmzAFPE5gW

Who Was John Eastman? Wikipedia Bio

John Eastman was a professional lawyer best known as the son of Beatles’ former lawyer Lee Eastman.

He is also the former brother-in-law of musician Paul McCartney, the brother of his first wife Linda McCartney. John’s sister Linda and Paul got married in 1969 and were together until her death in 1998. Despite his sister’s death, John remained a good friend to Paul.

Professionally, John followed his father Lee Eastman’s career path and ended up becoming a lawyer. He carried the profession for decades during which he also earned a substantial fortune.

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