Where Is Jim Hood Now? Bonnie Hood Husband – Was He Convicted For Murder?

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Where Is Jim Hood Now? Bonnie Hood Husband – Was He Convicted For Murder?

Jim Hood was the husband of Boonie Hood, and he was convicted for the murder of his wife. He served in jail for most of his age.

Millionaire Newport Beach developer Jim Hood, who was once well-known in Orange County social circles, was declared a menace to society and sentenced to prison for murdering a man whom police say Hood hired to kill his wife.

In a case, that combined murder and greed, Bruce E. Beauchamp, a former employee of Hood’s in the construction industry, was shot on March 22, 1992, and Hood was found guilty of first-degree murder in December.

Hood, dressed in a jail jumpsuit, sat still through the hearing. According to Hood’s attorney, he feels terrible guilt. Disputed, the prosecutor compared the developer to “Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde.”

Where Is Jim Hood Now? Bonnie Hood Husband

Jim Hood, the husband of Boonie Hood, served 23 years in jail after a murder case and is now out of prison as he was paroled on April 23, 2017.

Following the sentencing, there was a bail hearing where the prosecutor vehemently opposed releasing Hood from detention, which caused tense exchanges.

In the still unsolved shooting death of Hood’s wife, Bonnie, in her Sierra Nevada lodge in Tulare County in August 1990, Beauchamp was the prime suspect.

According to the prosecution, Hood paid Beauchamp to kill his wife so that he could collect on a $900,000 insurance policy before deciding to shoot the shooter dead.

The person with Bonnie Hood at the time of the fatal attack was also shot, but they both recovered. This person later testified that Beauchamp was the shooter. However, a jury found Beauchamp not guilty.

What Is Jim Hood Age?

As per a report from 1994, Jim Hood was at the age of 50 years when the incident took place, so he is currently in his seventies.

In the late 1980s, Jim and Bonnie Hood purchased the property. While her developer husband remained in Newport Beach, the rustic getaway became her primary house and business area.

But after a superb wedding celebration held at the resort on August 19, 1990, Bonnie, 46, was murdered and died in her cabin at around three in the morning.

The room also included Rudy Manual, the groundskeeper for the lodge. Despite being hurt, he managed to call for assistance and disclosed that the shooter was in a red Jeep.

Jim Hood Net Worth From His Career

Jim Hood was a Newport Beach developer, so he had a fortune of net worth for a lavish lifestyle.

Prosecutors claim that in a plot straight out of a noir movie, he had his wife killed while she slept with her lover, collected $500,000 in insurance, and then, an entire year and a half later, enticed the hired hit guy to a fatal rendezvous.

Defense lawyers contend that Hood, out on $1 million bail, was not involved in his wife’s death or her friend’s injury in 1990 and only shot an ex-employee in self-defence in March of that year.

Jurors will choose between opposing animated recreations of the alleged hit man’s murder presented by either side, which the prosecution claims are a first in California history, and what one attorney refers to as “dueling schematics.”

Who Is Jim Hood Wife In 2022?

Jim Hood was once married to Bonnie Hood and later murdered her as she was having an extra-marital affair.

Jim informed the authorities that he and Bonnie had a solid marriage and was unaware of the affair when he arrived at the lodge. However, he had a suspicion that Bonnie had crossed someone.

The investigators evaluated an area livestock rancher who purportedly had a long-running beef with Rudy Manuel as a potential suspect before being excluded.

When detectives questioned Beauchamp, he revealed that the night of the large wedding party, he had gone camping in Nelson for some rest and leisure. When directly asked if he knew Bonnie Hood, he replied that he didn’t actually.

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