Where Is Martin Heidgen Now? Katie Flynn Accident – Age And Release Date

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Where Is Martin Heidgen Now? Katie Flynn Accident – Age And Release Date

Martin Heidgen is one of the state’s first drunken drivers to serve eighteen years of life imprisonment for depraved indifference murder. He appealed to reduce his sentence, but the state court upheld the verdict.

Heidgen is a careless driver who killed two innocent people while driving intoxicated. In the crash, Martin completely acted with depraved indifference to human life, driving too fast in the wrong lane while under the influence.

According to Chief Judge Jonathan Lippman, there was sufficient evidence to support his careless driving took two innocent lives. He was in the pickup truck driving for a mile the wrong way on Meadowbrook State Parkway in 2005 and hit a limousine.

Stanley Rabinowitz was driving the limousine with a seven-year-old passenger Katie Flynn, including five other passengers. Katie and Stanley lost their lives in the accident. In particular, Martin had a blood alcohol content of 0.28 percent at the time of the accident.

Meanwhile, many wonder about Martin if he is still serving in jail for the murder conviction in 2006. The judges’ panel of seven upheld the jury’s decision for his murder conviction for depraved indifference murder.

Where Is Martin Heidgen Now? Katie Flynn Accident

Martin Heidgen is possibly serving in jail as the court convicted him in the depraved indifference murder in 2006. In particular, Jillian Harrington represented him in the Appeals Court to reconsider his conviction. He killed Katie Flynn and a driver in an accident.

However, the defendant’s lawyer tried to ask for a short sentence as he defended Heidgen, mentioning he did not know about being on the wrong side of the road due to intoxication.

On the other hand, Chief Judge Jonathan supported the Judge. The chief explained that prosecution for depraved indifference murder got warranted in egregious circumstances. He has been serving eighteen years to life in jail.

Martin Heidgen Age And Release Date

Considering his physical attributes, Martin Heidgen might fall somewhere between 40 to 50 at the current date. However, his date of birth is yet to reveal on the web. Meanwhile, many wonder about his release date.

In particular, he might release in 2024 as the court sentenced him to eighteen years in 2006. His case was one of the first cases where a drunken driver got convicted of murder.

During the accident, Heidegen was just a twenty-five-year-old man, and his family explained he was a generous young man who helped the children’s soccer team while in college.

Further, Martin’s mother defended her son, saying Martin never wanted to harm anyone in the past years.

Martin Heidgen Case Update

Martin Heidgen will probably release from prison within a few years, serving eighteen years of imprisonment in the jail since 2006. However, the authorities and his family have not disclosed anything about the case in the public domain.

His family tried to reduce his imprisonment by stating his previous good deeds and convincing the judges about Martin’s unintentional accident that took two innocent lives. However, the chief justice and the seven panels of judges upheld the court’s decision for his eighteen years of imprisonment.

Heidgen worked as an insurance salesman in Manhattan, where he grew up in Little Rock, Ark. Heidgen went to the University of Mississippi and moved to Long Island. He has a mother named Margot Aponte and a stepfather in his family.

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