Where Is Samuel Gooch Wisconsin Now? Mark Gooch Brother Update 2022

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Where Is Samuel Gooch Wisconsin Now? Mark Gooch Brother Update 2022

Samuel Gooch is the older brother of the murder convict Mark Gooch, an Air Force airman sentenced to life in prison in link to the death of a Mennonite woman, Sasha Krause, in January 2020.

Coconino County jury convicted Mark of kidnapping and first-degree murder back in October. He allegedly kidnapped the woman from northwestern New Mexico, fatally shot her, and left the body in the cold outside Flagstaff, Arizona.

He is an Airman formerly stationed at Luke Air Force Base in Arizona. The jury reached its verdict on October 13, 2021, following a deliberation for less than a full day. Mark faced life in prison on the murder charge.

Where Is Samuel Gooch Wisconsin Now?

The older brother of former U.S. Air Force airman Samuel Gooch pleaded guilty in August 2020 to a reduced facilitation charge to commit hindering prosecution. She received three years of probation in a separate but related case.

Samuel was sentenced in Cononini County Superior Court. Authorities accused him of flying to Arizona from Wisconsin in early May 2020 to pick up what he initially thought was the rifle used to shoot 27-year-old Mennonite woman Sasha Krause.

In January 2020, Sasha, who resided in a Mennonite compound in Farmington, New Mexico, mysteriously disappeared one evening while running an errand. Weeks later, the officials discovered her body hundreds of miles away, outside Arizona.

On January 18, 2020, she came to the church at around 7 pm to pick up some books. Unfortunately, she never returned to her home. After her roommate noticed her absence, she immediately informed the church elders.

It wasn’t until February 21, 2020, that a camper discovered her remains while searching for firewood outside Flagstaff. Sasha’s hands were bound with duct tape, and an autopsy revealed the woman had a gunshot in her head with a .22-caliber weapon and suffered blunt force trauma.

Mark Gooch Brother Samuel Gooch Age

Samuel Gooch is probably in her mid-20s, judging by his looks and appearance. He is the older brother of Mark Gooch, who is twenty-two years old, and was sentenced for the killing of Sasha Marie in January 2020.

Gooch received a sentence in 2020 to three years of probation for flying to Arizona after the murder of a Mennonite woman to retrieve the murder weapon .22-caliber marlin rifle with which his younger brother, Mark, had killed Sasha.

The most chilling revelation of the murder is that Mark had no personal link with Sasha. He got arrested two months after the body was found. Prosecutors argued in the trial that the accused hated the Mennonite community.

Samuel further stated that his brother harbored a grudge against people who believed in the Mennonite faith. A text message exchange between the brothers showed Mark texting he was keeping an eye on members of the Mennonite community Farmington.

Samuel Gooch Wife – Is He Married?

Samuel Gooch has not shared his personal details on the media; it is not clear about his marital status. Besides his brother, Mark Gooch, who faces life in prison on the murder charge, more details about his other family members are unknown.

Mark grew up in a Mennonite community but in Wisconsin. He soon left for the military after rejecting the religion. He had a complicated earlier life and was suspected of burglaries when he was young.

Although he admitted to traveling to New Mexico to visit the Mennonite church, the text between the brothers showed Mark was bitter about the religion. He held a grudge against the community. Ultimately, the prosecution concluded that he killed Sasha due to his contempt for Mennonites.

He was convicted of kidnapping, first-degree murder, and theft in October 2021. A few months later, Mark was sentenced to life in prison without possible parole for the killing and a five-year term for kidnapping.

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