Where is Stanley Jensen Now? Marc Bruss Murder Case And Update

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Where is Stanley Jensen Now? Marc Bruss Murder Case And Update

After a fatal gunshot occurred in an apartment in Ocala, Florida, the police arrived on the scene. The body of Marc Bruss was found dead inside, and the shooter had been apprehended.

The question of whether the shooting was necessary, however, persisted. The trial proceedings and factors contributing to Stanley Jensen’s conviction are explored in A&E’s “Guilty or Innocent: Murdered My Tenant or Self-Defense?”

How Did Marc Bruss Die?

Marc Alan Bruss was born in Ocala in August 1970 to Max and Della Bruss. He attended Lake Weir High School in Ocala and graduated with his two sisters.

The 49-year-old was known for his affinity for fishing and socializing with buddies. Marc had served in the first Gulf War as a member of the Marine Corps.

At the time of his passing, Marc and another resident lived together in an apartment in Ocala. The 49-year-old’s condition quickly worsened when he was confronted by his killer, leading to the sound of many gunshots from within the house.

When the police came, they found Marc’s body lying on the ground, shot to death. He was shot twice in the side and four times in the back with a 9mm weapon.

Marc Bruss Murder Case In Detail

The shooter, Stanley Jensen, was the one who made the 911 call. The legal argument about whether the shooting was required finally came up in court, even though he turned himself into the police and admitted to shooting Marc.

Stanley was Marc’s landlord. Before buying a house he later rented to Marc and another renter, he had worked as a US Air Force veteran and in various other occupations.

Stanley’s tenants at the time paid him weekly without a lease or other rental agreement. According to Stanley’s defense attorney, his client wanted Marc to leave the house because of Marc’s drug use and other odd behavior.

Stanley continued by saying that Marc was late on his rent in the days leading up to the shooting. That day, Hus and another tenant took Marc’s possessions from home.

But when Marc went home, he was dissatisfied. Stanley claimed that his tenant had threatened to strike him with a hammer. Then a sheriff’s officer showed up and asked Stanley to leave so the legal eviction procedure could be followed.

However, Stanley asserted that when he subsequently came to the house, Marc had a machete in his hand. He said that the 49-year-old had threatened to kill him. According to Stanley, Marc wouldn’t put down the rifle, so he shot him.

The prosecution questioned him about moving the machete while speaking to 911. “I did that, and it was a terrible mistake,” Stanley retorted. I have no idea why I relocated it.

Where Is Stanley Jensen Now?

The defense claimed there was no evidence Marc attacked Stanley as he claimed.

At the time of the shooting, Christopher Hofacker was also in the house. He claimed Marc was conversing with someone in the restroom. According to Christopher, Marc allegedly asked a person if they would shoot him.

When shots were fired, Christopher stayed in the restroom. In April 2022, Stanley, then 60, was convicted of second-degree murder. The self-defense defense did not convince the jurors. Later, he admitted that he was sorry for what had happened and that all he had intended to do was defend his renter.

In July 2022, Stanley received a 50-year prison term. According to prison records, he is still imprisoned at RMC-Main Unit in Lake Butler. In 2072, he will be eligible for release.

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