Who Are Anthony Borges Parents? Parkland Shooting Viral On Reddit

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Who Are Anthony Borges Parents? Parkland Shooting Viral On Reddit

Anthony Borges is the son of Royer Borges and Emily Delfin. Parkland shooting survivor Anthony’s parents felt fortunate and blessed to have their son back after the miserable incident. They took care of him and never made him feel alone.

Anthony is referred to as a warrior as he used his body as a shield to save up to 20 lives during the Parkland, Florida, school rampage. He was shot five times brutally during the shooting. Seventeen people were killed in that heinous crime, which is still considered one of the most monstrous crimes today.

Who Are Anthony Borges Parents? Father Royer Borges And Mother

As mentioned, Royer Borges is the survivor’s father, Anthony Borges, and Emily Delfin is his mother. Despite extreme hardship, his parents felt lucky to have him back home.

Furthermore, he had undergone nine surgeries after the shooting, and his health gradually recovered, as per his parents’ statement. He got most of the shots in his legs, and he had difficulty moving his legs. His parents left their job because Anthony was their priority.

Despite having financial issues after leaving a job and several other difficulties, they never considered him a burden. They pampered him as a small child and wanted to see him stand on his feet as soon as possible. Several organizations donated money to the family and helped them battle the crucial situation.

Parkland Shooting Viral On Reddit

The terrible news of the Parkland shooting has been a trending topic on social media and Reddit for several months. The netizens were devastated by this news and felt that their kids were not safe in school.

Anthony Borges, a 15-year-old boy at the time, showed his bravery by saving his fellow students. He was the last of 20 students in the room, attempting to lock the door. But unfortunately, he could not save himself and was shot five times mercilessly. Some online portals reported that he held his body between the bullets and his classmates, which was commendable.

Shooting Victims Anthony Borges Shows Shooting Wounds

We all know Anthony Borges is a survivor of the Parkland massacre, and everyone appreciated his courageous work. A young man, who was only 15 years old, used his body to protect the lives of his fellow friends. In a YouTube video, he showed people his shooting wounds and thanked everyone who prayed for his speedy recovery.

Anthony showed an interest in soccer from an early age. He aimed to be an aspiring player in the future. His dream of playing for Barcelona stopped after the Parkland shooting.

He thought he would never stand up again, and his passion for football would end. But he was gradually improving, and his return to the soccer field was imminent.

Furthermore, he underwent several painful therapies and was full of gunshot wounds. Bullets ripped into his lungs, abdomen, and legs, and everyone was heartbroken about how this young boy could survive all of this pain.

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