Who Are Katie Barrington And Trenae Greenland? Newport Couple Arrested For Drug Dealing

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Who Are Katie Barrington And Trenae Greenland? Newport Couple Arrested For Drug Dealing

Katie Barrington and Trenae Greenland made into a highlight after their arrest for Cocaine dealing in Newport, United Kingdom. The officer noticed the activity during their drug dealing and caught them after an investigation.

After getting caught by the officer with the bags of powder and a large amount of money, it was revealed that the reason was their greed for making money for their luxurious clothes and trips.

They threw away their life with the business in their selfish acts and made more debts to other people, according to the statement of Judge Dj Hale. After judging their character and the reason for their criminal acts, they were prisoned for two and half years.

Katie Barrington And Trenae Greenland’s Facebook

Katie Barrington and Trenae Greenland are active on the Facebook platform and goes by their respective name of @Trenae Greenland and Katie Jane Barrington.

Trenae has 2.4 K friends and followers on Facebook, and her recent post is that on 19 July 2016. In one of her, she has posted with the caption, “Sooo can’t wait to get out of Newport!”. Her saving and traveling in foreign countries are directly related to drug dealing. Tranae has a profile picture with Katie, which she posted in 2016.

Katie Jane Barrington Facebook profile
Katie Jane Barrington Facebook profile ( Source : Facebook )

Katie has few numbers of friends on her Facebook, around 200, unlike her partner. She is more active in social media than the Trenae, and she has recently updated her social media Facebook profile. Her status shows in relation to Courtney Johnson in New port Wales.

There is no information on the contact, Family relation, and other basic details on the Newport pair.

Katie Barrington And Trenae Greenland Wiki: Age and Family

Katie Barrington is 29, and Trenae Greenland is 30 years of age as of 2022, according to the Metro website.

Trenae went to the Bettws High School in Newport, Wales, and worked at the Studio TwentySIx in 2016. She had been in relation with Katie for five years before they were caught in 2020.

Katie Barrington is currently in relation with Courtney Johnson, according to her Facebook profile.

Regarding the Family matter, there has not been any disclosure of information, and both of them have kept their matter private. There is no news of their family matter besides one time when the judge stated high regard for them by their family when questioned.

They lived together, and their income in together from their work was estimated at up to sixty thousand pounds. The pair claimed to have been involved in the drug business after they were in debt.

Why were Newport Couple Katie Barrington And Trenae Greenland Arrested?

Katie Barring and Trenae Greenland were arrested for their Cocaine drug dealing on 31 October, 2020, when the cops caught them redhanded in Chepstow Road, Newport, United Kingdom.

During the search, they were found with an enormous amount of cash along with the three packets of drugs and phone which Greenland had tried to hide.

Trenae Greenland's and Katie Barrington arrest

The police officer noticed the parked Volkswagen Golf in the blocks and the Interaction between the Newports couple with the unidentified man. The suspicious action of the man and pair led to a search of their cars which resulted in an arrest.

Upon further investigation, The couple were found to be dealing with the drug for their luxurious lifestyle and planned holiday trips. The motive behind drug dealing is greed, as stated by the Prosecutor.

With the high amount of earnings of About sixty thousand pounds per year, they were making money besides their job with drug activity in the morning and evening. On the weekday, they were earning hundred pounds per day, and double incase of the weekend.

The officer searched their addresses later on and found high-value designer clothes and a large sum of money that they had saved from the Cocaine supply. After their custody and hearing from the judge Dj hale, they have been enforced by the law with a jail time of two years and eight months.

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