Who Are Tina Frey and Victoria Brimer From Louisiana? Dog Abuse Video and Twitter Reactions Explained

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Who Are Tina Frey and Victoria Brimer From Louisiana? Dog Abuse Video and Twitter Reactions Explained

A rather disturbing video is making rounds on TikTok and other social media platforms where Tina Frey and Victoria Brimer are seen abusing an innocent dog in the name of training him.

As the Internet condemns the act., we present to you the background of the incident, the individuals, and the aftermath.

@asia.and.lotus @/cypressarrowk9 Cypress Arrow Cane Corso, “trainers”: Tina Frey and her daughter, Victoria Brimer. PART 1. #triggerwarning #cypressarrow #canecorso #animalabusingiswrong #expose #baddogtrainer #fyp ♬ original sound – Asia and Lotus

Who Are Tina Frey and Victoria Brimer From Louisiana?

Tina Frey and Victoria Brimer are a mother-daughter duo from Louisiana. From a viral video they are featured in, it looks like they are trainers at a dog training academy. However, it cannot be confirmed just by a random video on TikTok.

The older woman, Tina, looks in her 40s, and her little daughter Victoria seems to be in her teens.

It has been revealed that the particular incident had taken place in Cypress Arrow Cane Corso. Their website says that they are Louisiana’s Largest Cane Corso breeder & all-breed dog trainer and have merged with K9 Training Academy. Unfortunately, now neither their Facebook page nor their website can be accessed. It is said that the reason behind this is the excessive hate they have been getting online.

Further, neither the two women nor the company itself has released any statement on the alleged cruelty. Twitter, TikTok, and other social media platforms rage are currently at their peak, and everyone is now waiting for answers, fully condemning the act.

Dog Abuse Video At Cypress Arrow By Tina And Victoria

Tina and Victoria can be seen brutally hitting a black dog in the video. A TikTok user named Asia and Lotus uploaded it where we can see a woman who gives a major trigger warning for animal abuse. She further says that it was from a company called Cypress Arrow Cane Corso in Lousiana and asks the viewers to skip it if they cannot watch sensitive stuff.

The video begins with a mother-daughter holding a rope from either side that has been used to tie a dog. Both of them pull it like they are playing a tug of war, and the little animal can be seen in pain. Further, they are beating it very badly, which is extremely difficult to watch.

Tina and Victoria are clearly training the dog but abusing their power. Towards the end, we can see the mother asking the dog to sit down, and it sits down, obeying the order.

I highly suggest not watching the videos if you can’t bear to see animal abuse but Cypress Arrow Kennel and K9 Academy is in huge trouble for leaked videos of them beating and abusing dogs. They also breed Cane Corsos and seeing how they handle them is terrifying and is making a pic.twitter.com/DrixRCoalZ

— gay_as_eq (@daily_gaily) August 12, 2022

Twitter is filled with netizens raging over this unacceptable activity by Cypress Arrow Cane Corso. Everyone has a different opinion but the one thing that is common is that they want the mother-daughter to atone for their mistakes.

One of them says, “Terrible name for the breed. The fact that they’ve worked with police departments is terrifying that these fear-stricken are being used in public because we all know how explosive dogs that have been beaten to submission can be—and it’s never their fault, but they also get the blame”

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