Who Is Abigail Heche? Meet Anna Heche Sister

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Who Is Abigail Heche? Meet Anna Heche Sister

Abigail Heche is the sister of Anne Heche, a well-known late actress and a recipient of the Daytime Emmy Award. She passed away on August 12, 2022, after doctors declared him brain dead.  

The American actress catapulted herself into the spotlight with her performance portraying twins Marley Love and Vicky Hudson on the soap opera Another World. She bagged two Soap Opera Digest Awards for her work.

Meanwhile, the tragic death of the actress surged the search for the family’s whereabouts. Correspondingly, Abigail, the almost estranged sister of the actress, is also under media scrutiny.

The entire public domain is making grand rounds surrounding the topic of Heche’s tragic family history. The cycle of misfortune still follows them to date, as Anne died yesterday.

Anna Heche Sister: Abigail Heche Wikipedia

Abigail Heche is the sister of Anna Heche, a well-distinguished American actress who breathed her last on August 12, 2022, after suffering severe injuries following an accident in early August.

The actress’s sister Abigail is an Illinois-based entrepreneur and jewellery designer. She owns an online shop selling various products like jewellery, dresses, tops, hats, scarves, handbags, textiles, totes, and more.

Anne is the fourth of five siblings to pass away. As of now, Abigail is the only surviving sibling of the Heche family after Anna’s death in August. The Heche family had five siblings in total.

Their sister Susan reportedly passed away from brain cancer in 2006. Susan was a writer and literature professor who rose to the spotlight in the 1990s after writing a book about her father’s death from AIDS.

Susan’s book describes their father’s death and how discovering his diagnosis led her to understand the meaning of family better. The published author and professor was 48 when she passed away.

While, Abigail’s sister, Cynthia, breathed her last in infancy due to a heart defect. Cynthia was just two months old when she suffered a heart defect in 1961. At the same time, their brother died following a tragic car crash.

]In 1983, months before his tragic car crash, Heche’s father, Don Heche, breathed his last, succumbing to AIDS. Nathan died at just 18 years in a single care accident. The American actress Anne was vocal about his death.

Anne previously discussed his death on Hollywood Medium with Tyler Henry in 2019. According to reports, Nathan most likely fell asleep behind the wheel leading him to drive into a tree. 

She thought that their father’s death a few months earlier might have left him discouraged enough to take his own life. That said, Nathan’s death is officially considered accidental despite her theorizing his death might be a suicide.

Daughter of her parents, Nancy Heche and Donald Joseph Heche, Abigail had a difficult time growing up as they were financially unstable and moved around eleven times. They even joined an Amish community to make ends meet at one point.

Her father, Donald was a man of God and functioned as a Baptist minister and choir director; he brewed a heinous secret. Anne dropped off a bomb as she uncovered the assault from her father.

Abigail once estranged from Anne, her sister, took to her Instagram to thank followers for their sincere prayers following the tragic accident of Anne in early August.

Abigail Heche Age

Illinois-based entrepreneur Abigail Heche’s age remains concealed thus far, whereas her sister, actress Anne Heche breathed her last at 53 in Los Angeles, California, on August 12, 2022.

The entrepreneur is likely above 53, as Anne died at 53 and was the youngest of five siblings. The precise birth details of the actress’s sister remain unascertained.

The sister’s relationship had also reached its breaking point when Anne blamed her father for sexually assaulting her. Anne even accused her family of hiding the news, heading her to cut off all contact.

Anne even accused her sister, Abigail, and mother, Nancy, of not taking any action regardless of knowing about the sexual abuse of the actress by Nancy’s husband.

The blame went to Readers Forum to uncover their side of the story as they unearthed feeling violated because of the blasphemies in the pages of this book.

Indeed, the businesswoman didn’t take the indictments lightly as she speculated Anne’s power of recollection wasn’t strong enough to signify their father’s past behaviour.

The entrepreneur went on to support her late father, who passed away of aids, as her experiences didn’t align with the statements. The aftermath of the discussion is somewhat aloof as they shut off contact.

Who Is Abigail Heche’s Husband? Her Children

Discoursing Abigail Heche’s husband, Anne’s sister, is unmarried. The jewellery designer and entrepreneur is a workaholic and prioritizes her career and work before anything else.

Likewise, there is no information about her children. She has uploaded some pictures of children; however, the relationship between the kids and her remains unidentified thus far.

Anne was a mother to her two children, Homer Laffon and Atlas Heche Tupper. She shared her son Homer,20, born on March 2, 2002, with her ex-husband Coley Laffoon of eight years. 

Her second child Atlas was born on March 7, 2009, and shared with his ex James Tupper. They got together in 2007 following their meeting on the set of Men in Trees. The couple eventually separated in 2018 after ten years together.

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