Who Is Dusty Mobley? Man Arrested After Swamp Diving & Lawn Mower Riding

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Who Is Dusty Mobley? Man Arrested After Swamp Diving & Lawn Mower Riding

Dusty Mobley is a Florida native who was arrested on Saturday after evading authorities earlier this year by diving into a swamp. He has been taken into custody for a slew of crimes.

A Florida man who attempted to elude capture by escaping on a riding lawnmower was stopped by cops using a shock gun and is now facing multiple charges.

On Saturday, the Okaloosa County sheriff’s office attempted to file an arrest warrant for him and discovered him on a lawnmower in a backyard.

He tried to run away on the mower, but they yelled at him to stop and get down. Before utilizing the stun weapon, deputies gave chase to him on foot.

When Mobley was arrested, deputies discovered he had a pistol, a handcuff key, and a pipe containing meth residue.

Who is Dusty Mobley? Swamp Diving & Lawn Mower Riding

Dusty Mobley is a Florida resident who was arrested on Saturday after eluding law enforcement earlier this year by diving into a swamp.

Deputies claim that on January 3rd, after they attempted to speak with Mobley about a $4,000 stolen boat, Mobley managed to escape from OCSO deputies off Sparrow Road in Holt by diving into a marsh next to the Yellow River.

Mobley was on the boat when officers arrived at the site, but to avoid being arrested, he dove over the side and vanished into the swamp.

According to investigators, Mobley stole the vessel from a business near Highway 4 in Baker on January 1 by using large gear to create a hole in a metal building.

Dusty Mobley Jail Charges: He Has Been Taken into Custody

According to Dusty Mobley’s county jail records, he has the potential to be charged with more than a dozen jail charges.

The following charges were brought against him: grand theft of a car, resisting an officer, obstructing police, possession of a firearm or ammo by a convicted felon, and possession of drug-related equipment.

As per the courts, Mobley is presently being detained in the Okaloosa County Jail in Crestview. On August 25, he will appear before Okaloosa Circuit Court Judge John T. Brown for a hearing to enter a felony plea.

Interestingly, court records reveal that Mobley has had numerous run-ins with the law and has already been found guilty several of offenses, starting with a 2012 conviction for violence.

He was convicted of eluding police the following year. As per court documents, he was also found guilty of second-degree arson and having a controlled narcotic without a prescription in 2014.

In the late afternoon on Monday, Mobley had no listed legal counsel.

Dusty Mobley Wife And Family

The wife of Dusty Mobley and other family members have not yet appeared in the media. His other family members or relatives could not be reached right away, either.

According to the deputies, they found Mobley and went to his home, which was situated on Pasco Brozson Circle in Holt, Florida. In that sense, he might have been residing there with his family.

What Is Dusty Mobley Age?

Florida man Dusty Mobley’s current age is 40 years old. Not much is known about his background; all that is known about him is his arrest.

When he was apprehended, police discovered a revolver, a handcuff key, and a pipe with meth residue on him.

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