Who Is Janee Pedescleaux’s Husband Jermaine Roberts? Mother Stabbing Own 2 Kids

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Who Is Janee Pedescleaux’s Husband Jermaine Roberts? Mother Stabbing Own 2 Kids

A New Orleans woman named Janee Pedescleaux is accused of killing her 4-year-old daughter and 2-year-old son.

According to court records, Janee Pedescleaux and her husband Jermaine Roberts were fighting about custody. The media reported that on the video, Pedesclaux could be heard sobbing and stating, “I’m done. My children have left. I’m finished. Life has been enough for me.”

Roberts sued Pedesclaux earlier this year for shared custody so he could see their children on the weekends, according to court records quoted by WVUE. Police in New Orleans also stated that the sad incident was “guardian related in nature.”

Janee Pedescleaux Husband Jermaine Roberts

Jermaine Roberts, Janee Pedescleaux’s husband, was informed after Pedesclaux released an Instagram video early on Sunday wearing a bonnet and a tank top covered in blood.

Janee Pedesclaux was booked this afternoon for allegedly fatally stabbing her 4 year old daughter and stabbing her 2 year old son. The little boy is still hospitalized, but improving, according to a family member. pic.twitter.com/hMOtgZuIML

— Erika Ferrando WWLTV (@ErikaFerrandoTV) August 8, 2022

Fox 8 Live collected surveillance video showing a man they believed to be the father of the two children pulling up in a white pickup vehicle and running toward the house. He is seen bringing both children back to the car.

According to unnamed locals, the father allegedly sped over to the residence after discovering that the kids had been wounded from Pedesclaux’s social media posts.

After getting the location, he allegedly broke into the house and attempted to rescue the children by climbing through the front window. He took the children back and took them both to the hospital.

Janee Pedescleaux Stabbing Children Case

The New Orleans Police Department reported that 31-year-old Janee Pedescleaux was accused of second-degree murder, attempted murder, and second-degree cruelty to a child at the scene.

According to the authorities, the event happened on Sunday at 11 a.m. at a residence on Law Street in Florida.

She fatally killed the older child, Paris, and seriously injured the younger child after stabbing the girl, age 4, and the boy, age 2.

In the since-deleted live feed, Pedescleaux can be seen staring at the camera while wearing a blood-stained tank top. She has an emotional collapse and blames Jermaine, the child’s father, for what happened.

Roberts, the children’s father, apparently noticed the problem as soon as the live stream started and sped over to the house.

Where Is Janee Pedescleaux Now?

Janee Pedescleaux was held on charges of second-degree murder, attempted murder, and second-degree cruelty to a youngster, according to the New Orleans police.

If found guilty of second-degree murder, you would receive a life sentence. Uncertainty surrounded Pedescleaux’s access to legal counsel.

A police news release stated that the child was in critical condition on Sunday. A plea for an update on Monday went unanswered right away.

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