Who Is Kevin Holloman? NYC McDonald’s Worker Killed By Michael Morgan

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Who Is Kevin Holloman? NYC McDonald’s Worker Killed By Michael Morgan

Michael Morgan, who allegedly killed Kevin Holloman in 2020, is arrested for shooting a McDonald’s employee over cold french fries.

New York police arrested Michael Morgan in a shooting case after the man fired shots toward a McDonald’s employee over cold french fries.

It all started after his mother, Lisa Fulmore, questioned the workers about her cold fries. After the workers laughed at her and told her to speak to the manager, Morgan eventually stepped in to confront the workers, and at some point, worker Matthew Jeremiah Webb got involved.

Michael allegedly shot the 23-year-old Webb when they went outside the shop to argue. The victim lies in critical condition while the 20-year-old offender is under police custody. Behind bars, he also confessed to the murder of Kevin Holloman in 2020, which has removed the dark shade on the mysterious murder.

Holloman’s sister spoke up, expressing her and the family’s happiness after the person who killed her brother finally confessed to the crime and would go for punishment. Here is what you need to know about the 2020 victim.

Who Was Kevin Holloman? Michael Morgan Killed Him In 2020

Kevin Holloman was a fun-loving, kind person who was allegedly shot to death by Michael Morgan outside his apartment in 2020.

He was the life of the party and was loved by every people that knew him. Always kind to others and a loving person, Kevin was a close friend to all, as his sister, Gardenia Holloman, revealed. So, to see him pass away in such a manner was a bittersweet and devastating incident, as she said.

Although the motive behind the killing is still undercover, Morgan confessed to killing the man just outside his residence. Kevin was shot multiple times. Gardenia saw Michael walk around the apartment a few times, but there was not enough evidence to arrest the 20-year-old, said the police.

Finally, the alleged culprit is behind bars for the crime two years after the shooting.

How Old Was Kevin Holloman?

Kevin Holloman was 28 years old at the time of his death.

While his date of birth remains unknown, the man was reported to be 28 in 2020. He took his last breath at the hospital after Morgan shot him on October 21, 2020. Besides, we are unaware of any other detailed information regarding his early age and childhood life.

Kevin Holloman Family Details

Discussing his family, Holloman has a sister named Gardenia, while the identities of other members remain hidden.

The 32-year-old sister spoke about how the family was devastated by the saddening death’s impact on the family. Perhaps the most affected was their mother, who passed away of a broken heart sometime after Kevin died.

They are the only known members of the Holloman family on the internet as of now.

Kevin Holloman Facebook And Obituary

Kevin Holloman’s death gained broader internet attention, including on Facebook, as his obituary circulated widely across various platforms.

It made big headlines then, and since the suspect was not identified, the murder case also gained public support. People floated the obituary and other details across various internet platforms, but nothing evidential came in handy.

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