Who Is Nicolae Miu? Isaac Schuman Murder – Why Did He Kill The Teen?

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Who Is Nicolae Miu? Isaac Schuman Murder – Why Did He Kill The Teen?

The police identify Nicolae Miu as the main man behind the Isaac Schuman murder case. His motive, in this case, has become a topic of concern among the public.

While tubing along the Apple River in St. Croix County, a Minnesota man is accused of fatally stabbing one youngster and critically injuring four others. He is being jailed on a $1 million cash bond.

According to his loved ones, Isaac Schuman, 17, has been identified as the youngster fatally stabbed on Saturday while tubing down a Wisconsin river.

Isaac’s family described the boy as an honour roll student and upcoming senior at Stillwater High School in Stillwater, Minnesota, in a statement received by KARE-TV.

Who Is Nicolae Miu? Isaac Schuman Murder Suspect

After witnesses identified him to St. Croix County Sheriff’s officers responding to reports of many stabbings, Nicolae Miu of Prior Lake, Minnesota, was detained on Saturday.

A criminal complaint quotes Miu and his wife as saying that Miu was using goggles and a snorkel to look for a lost cell phone when he got into a fight with some teens.

Investigators watched videos of the altercation where Miu was seen grabbing the group’s tubes. Then, young women and others approached him and warned him to leave.

Investigators claim that at one point, Miu fell into the water and stabbed a person who appeared to push Miu as he attempted to emerge from it.

During the brawl, Miu made stabbing movements toward other individuals who touched his neck and back. Investigators noticed blood on the knife and his hand as he moved away from them in the video.

Nicolae Miu Age Is 52

Many reports on the web have revealed the age of Nicolae Miu to be 52 years old, and his residence is in Minnesota.

According to the complaint, a subsequent video shows persons fleeing the scene of Miu’s stabbings. He then appeared to be holding someone out of the water by their right arm as he knelt next to them as they lay in the river.

In a recorded interview, Miu claimed he acted in self-defence and was afraid for his life. He stated that two of the young tubers in the group were carrying knives and that he had wrestled one from them.

As a result of the violence on Saturday, a 17-year-old from Stillwater, Minnesota, passed away. Four more people in their 20s had stab wounds ranging from critical to severe.

Other witnesses asserted that Miu’s hit on a young woman in the face sparked the entire altercation. On Monday, Miu was accused of committing one intentional first-degree homicide and four first-degree homicide attempts.

Nicolae Miu Mugshot: What Was His Motive Behind The Murder?

People are searching for the mugshots of Nicolae Miu on the web after the incident, and investigators are looking for the motive behind his action.

Judge Michael Waterman noted the gravity of the case and the allegations during Miu’s initial court appearance in St. Croix County Circuit Court before ordering her to be jailed on a $1 million cash bond.

The deceased teen was identified as Isaac Schuman by family members. According to a statement from the family, Schuman was eager to be ready for the college application process so he could pursue a degree in electrical engineering.

According to the station, Miu has been charged with first-degree intentional homicide and four charges of first-degree deliberate homicide attempts.

According to a press release, he was hauled into arrest by St. Croix County officers without incident on Saturday near the exit. However, the investigators have not yet revealed the relationship between the suspect and the victims.

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