Who Is Portia Odufuwa? Dallas Love Field Airport Shooting By Woman, Police Killed The Shooter Details

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Who Is Portia Odufuwa? Dallas Love Field Airport Shooting By Woman, Police Killed The Shooter Details

There has been news speculating around relating to the death of Portia Odufuwa following the Dallas Love Field Shooting that happened late Monday.

However, Odufuwa was the prime suspect in the shooting case as she walked around the airport with a gun. A woman witnessed her yelling about her marriage and aiming the gunshot at the ceiling in a restroom.

Portia Odufuwa And Her Death In Dallas Love Field Shooting

Portia Odufuwa is the suspect in opening fire at the Dallas Love Field Airport and a Dallas police officer who got engaged with the shooter in the lower extremities.

She got taken to Parkland Memorial Hospital, but the officials haven’t confirmed her death yet, so we are unsure if she died of the gunshot, is in critical condition, or is recovering from the wound.

Moreover, the details about the intention behind Portia started shooting; she went into a restroom, changed clothes, pulled out a gun, and started firing several shots toward the ceiling. A source says that Dallas Police won’t release any other statements until Tuesday afternoon.

Furthermore, as per Fox News, Odufuwa also got accused of handing a teller a note demanding money, and the investigations are going on to find the depth behind the incident. It happened near the entry in the non-secure area at the ticket counter and did not involve the Transportation Security Administration checkpoint.

Who Is The Woman That Died During The Incident?

No death has gotten reported during the Dallas Love Field Airport shooting, and there were no injuries, so rumors about the passing of a woman shall not get trusted unless the police release the statement.

Although Odufuwa got shot by the police, the news of her death is yet to be confirmed. Thus, it has made us unsure if she is the one who died as no casualties got reported following the shooting.

Furthermore, it’s not the first time something like this has happened at the airport; a police officer shot and wounded a man outside of Love Field in 2016 when he advanced toward the officer with large landscaping rocks in his hands.

The man reportedly had a battering in his ex-girlfriend’s car, and she dropped him off at the airport. Likewise, a witness said Portia was yelling about her marriage and her husband cheating on her, so she wanted to blow her up.

Earlier I spoke with an eye witness who described what he and his wife saw inside at the ticketing counter. They said a woman said she was going to, “Make an announcement” then they saw her pull out a gun. @NBCDFW https://t.co/KSzsma0iJY

However, the suspect previously got busted for allegedly robbing the Bank of America in Wylie, Texas, three years ago. Hence, the true intention behind the several gunshots she made is suspicious. She handed a bank teller a note while ordering her to give her money but got charged with robbery after getting caught shortly after.

Who Are The Victims In The Shooting?

All the travelers who were at the ticket counter on the day the incident happened were the victims, but thankfully there were no casualties, and no one got shot except for the shooter herself.

The airport suspended operations after the shooting, the TSA agents snuffed travelers into secure areas as soon as they heard the gunshots, and all flights got held at their departure points until 2:30 p.m. Furthermore, flight operations in the airport resumed at around 3:45 p.m. after the investigations.

Just got evacuated out of Love Field after an apparent shooting. Family is safe. TSA did a great job.

A cell phone video shared by NBC 5 showed travelers behind chairs at the gates, on the ground, and sheltering in place while the shooting unfolded, and although several rounds of guns got shot, no lives were lost. Hopefully, the detailed information relating to the incident will be made public by the Dallas Police. May a similar incident won’t happen in the future as it will risk the lives of thousands of national and international travelers.

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