Who Is Portia Odufuwa Husband? Dallas Love Field Airport Shooting, His Affair Details

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Who Is Portia Odufuwa Husband? Dallas Love Field Airport Shooting, His Affair Details

Portia Odufuwa is the name of the alleged shooter who opened fire at the Dallas airport at a ticket window.

Portia Odufuwa, 37, is suspected of opening fire inside a terminal on Monday morning, causing a mass evacuation and causing havoc at Dallas Love Field Airport.

Odufuwa was dropped off at the airport around 10.59 in the morning, went inside the terminal, and then used a restroom adjacent to the ticket counter, according to the Dallas police.

Additionally, according to authorities, the 37-year-old walked into the room wearing a hoodie, pulled out a revolver, and began firing repeatedly towards the ceiling.

Who Is Portia Odufuwa Husband?

According to the airport, Portia Odufuwa is married woman who was shot in her lower limbs by employees who came across her at around 11:23 a.m.

Colby James told NBC 5 on Monday that he was nearby when the woman pulled out a gun and started shooting. According to James, the woman stated that she needed to make an announcement and brought up her husband’s affair.

The prejudiced group that believes that police only kill individuals because of their skin tone? ( Source : Twitter )

She essentially confessed to having an affair with her husband or something like. She also gave the impression that she would detonate this.

That being said, she then produced a gun. Everyone essentially dispersed when she fired her first shot, according to James. “We were in motion.” There were another 10 to 12 gunfire after that.”

The incident may have been caused by Portia’s husband had cheating on her, according to the insider. Many people think that his husband has additional affairs.

More About Dallas Love Field Airport Shooting, Portia Odufuwa Husband Affairs

All inbound planes to Dallas Love were delayed at their departure location until 2:30 p.m., according to the FAA.

The TSA has authorized customers to exit the terminal’s sterile area so they can undergo rescreening, according to a statement from Love Field at 2:00 p.m. on Monday.

Further, even though operations resumed at 3:40 p.m., passengers were still advised to verify the status of their flights before heading to the airport.

Photos from inside the airport on Monday afternoon showed a congested scene with travelers swarming the lobby area close to ticketing and baggage claim.

Within an hour after the event, aircraft were briefly detained on the apron before being told to go to the gates. When the woman was taken to Parkland Memorial Hospital, she had unknown wounds.

Other information about her, the cause of the shooting, or the person who dropped her off at the airport has not been confirmed by police.

Portia Odufuwa Age & Ethnicity

According to the source, Portia Odufuwa, who was 37 years old, may have been of balck or felon race, which hasn’t been revealed to any of the mainstream media.

Odufuwa was taken into custody and treated at a local hospital; she is still alive. In contrast, Dallas PD is looking into the alleged shooter’s motives. Similarly, no details about Odufuwa’s wounds have been made public.

Rockwall Police Chief Max Geron recalled hearing gunshots while going through security with his family in a phone conversation with NBC 5 on Monday morning.

Gunshots were allegedly heard close to a baggage claim or ticket counter area, according to Geron. He reported that after he grabbed his kids, TSA agents moved quickly to crowd people into secure areas.

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