Who Is Ricky Shiffer? FBI Cincinnati Breach Attack Suspect Died In Shooting

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Who Is Ricky Shiffer? FBI Cincinnati Breach Attack Suspect Died In Shooting

A man named Ricky Shiffer died in the FBI Cincinnati attack shooting after he refused to surrender following his attempt to enter the FBI office a few hours ago.

The police have killed the armed suspect, Ricky Shiffer, who tried to breach the FBI’s Cincinnati field office.

CNN reports that the suspect attempted to enter the field office fully armed with an AR-15 rifle and a handgun. He was also wearing body armor, as informed by the officials. The officers got the idea of the breach after an alarm and quickly saw the suspect fleeing in his car.

Following the lengthy chase and an hour of a standoff with the man, the police fired shots toward the suspect, eventually killing him, as per official reports. Later investigation on social media discovered his plan to storm the FBI office following Monday’s search warrant at Trump’s Florida home.

Since he responded on social media after the search warrant, the officials are now examining to find any ties of Shiffer with the Capitol riot and other political actions.

Who Was Ricky Shiffer? FBI Cincinnati Attack Shooting

Ricky Shiffer was an American person who tried to breach the FBI’s Cincinnati-based field office, armed with weapons and body armor.

Although his life details are unknown at the moment, the investigators are looking if the man had links with right-wing extremism, reports CNN. He was available on the social media founded by Donald Trump, Truth Social, and had made multiple posts and comments before carrying out the invasion.

The verification of whether the man on the social media and the killed suspect are the same person is still pending official proof. Nonetheless, sources have told that the person’s photo on the official record matched with one of the photos on social media.

After the confirmation, Shiffer’s politically violent and revolution-minded thoughts and responses before the incursion have come to light.

Is The FBI Breach Suspect Ricky Shiffer Arrested Or Dead?

The FBI Cincinnati breach attack suspect, Ricky Shiffer, is dead following a standoff with the police.

FBI’s statement reports that the suspect, recognized as Shiffer, fled the area in his vehicle after the alarm’s activation and agents’ response. The Highway patrol troops got the information and tied to stop him in traffic, but he stormed off before the officers eventually caught him.

After stopping his car, Ricky got out and engaged with officers in a gunfight, taking cover of his car. Eventually, the standoff lasted over an hour, and the police tried to convince the man to surrender.

As the persuasion efforts failed, officers tried to take control of him by using less lethal weapons. But after the suspect started firing, the officers fired back, eventually killing the man.

Ricky Shiffer Age And Photo

The 42-year-old Ricky Shiffer’s age and photo are circulating on the internet, and you can see his picture in this article.

While reporting the incident, several sources declared the man behind the invasion, Ricky, to be 42 years old. Furthermore, his photos and a few other details are available online.

However, the law enforcement authorities have not conveyed detailed information on the killed man. They are closely investigating the motive and situation of the firing alongside his links to right-wing radicalism.

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