Who Is Salman Rushdie Girlfriend 2022 Rachel Eliza Griffiths? Author Stabbed At Stage!!

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Who Is Salman Rushdie Girlfriend 2022 Rachel Eliza Griffiths? Author Stabbed At Stage!!

Salman Rushdie is dating his girlfriend Rachel Eliza Griffiths since 2019 and has an age gap of over three decades.

Rushdie is an Indian-born author whose work, which combines magical realism and historical fiction, is particularly concerned with the ties, disruptions, and migrations that exist between Eastern and Western civilizations, with much of it taking place on the Indian subcontinent.

Rushdie was nominated as a fellow of the Royal Society of Literature in 1983. In 1999, he was named Commandeur of l’Ordre des Arts and des Lettres de France. He was knighted in 2007 for his contributions to literature. In 2008, The Times named him thirteenth among the 50 best British authors since 1945.

Rushdie worked as a copywriter for Ogilvy & Mather, where he coined the phrase “irresistibubble” for Aero & “Naughty but Nice” for cream cakes, and for Ayer Barker when he penned the slogan “That’ll do well” for American Express.

Let us learn more about Salman Rushdie and take a closer look at his girlfriend and recent stabbing.

Salman Rushdie Girlfriend 2022: Who Is Rachel Eliza Griffiths?

Salman Rushdie is dating his girlfriend Rachel Eliza Griffiths as of 2022.

The couple was reported dating back in 2019 by PageSix, they have been together for nearly half a decade now.

Rushdie’s partner Rachel is also a writer, author, and poet. The couple is believed to have met in London and celebrated Salman’s 72nd birthday together in London.

Rachel and Salman have been photographed in several events in New York as well, according to PageSix, they were seen together at the House of SpeakEasy Gala in February 2019. They were also seen at a National Arts Club film event in April 2019.

The couple has a large age difference between them, Salman is 75 years old as of 2022 while Rachel is reported to be 43 years old as of 2022. They have an age gap of 32 years.

While Rushdie has kept his dating life hush-hush for now as they do not share much on the internet, his former partners’ and wives’ information is publicly available.

Salman is married four times in his life until now, he married his first wife Clarissa Luard in 1976 and their marriage ended in 1987. He then married his second wife  Marianne Wiggins in 1988 and got divorced in 1993.

The writer then married his third wife Elizabeth West in 1997 but his third marriage ended in 2004 after a divorce. He then married his fourth and last wife Padma Lakshmi in 2004 and their marriage ended in 2007 according to his Wikipedia profile.

Salman Rushdie Stabbing Attack: Is He Dead?

Salman Rushdie’s stabbing attack occurred in New York City recently.

He was attacked by a man who is said to have run to the stage while the novelist was being introduced, the man stabbed Salman but was taken under control by the attendees of the event who rushed to the stage to help Salman according to Bloomberg.

The novelist was speaking at Chautauqua Institution at the time of the incident, the police confirmed a stabbing but have not identified the victim yet but the victim is likely to be Rushdie.

Salman Rushdie is not dead as there are no mentions of the novelist losing his life to the recent attack but his condition is not known to the general public as the authorities have not revealed anything regarding the stabbing yet.

However, this is not the first time Salman has been attacked. He has been a prime target for the Islamic militant groups for years now and several failed assassination attempts on Salman have been recorded in the past. But why is he being targeted?

Salman Rushdie Death Threats Reason: Why Was He In Hiding?

Salman Rushdie has been receiving death threats since publishing his fourth book The Satanic Verses back in September 1988.

The surrealist, post-modern novel infuriated some Muslims, who saw its content as blasphemous and was banned in various places.

A year after the book was published, Iran’s Supreme Leader Ayatollah Khomeini demanded Mr. Rushdie’s execution and offered a $3 million (£2.5 million) reward according to BBC.

He was in hiding for several years after the magnitude and frequency of death threats and assassination attempts increased, the British government placed Salman under police protection until he shifted to the United States in 2001. He has been living in the states since.

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