Who Is Seara Burton? Richmond Police Officer Shot In Indiana

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Who Is Seara Burton? Richmond Police Officer Shot In Indiana

Richmond Police officer, Seara Burton, was shot in a traffic stop which critically injured the officer.

It is not common for a police officer to get shot at the traffic stop sign in Richmond, said the chief police officer when explaining the incident.

According to reports, a four-year police veteran, Seara Burton, was shot during a traffic stop which caused a commotion at the place. As reported by Whio TV, the suspect fired multiple shots toward the female and critically wounded her in the middle of the road.

Other officers handled the situation well and rushed the woman to the nearby hospital for emergency treatment. Now, the veteran officer lies in the emergency room, going through the treatment procedure as the department works to know the reason behind the happening.

Who Is Seara Burton? Richmond Police Officer Critically Wounded In Shooting

Seara Burton is a veteran police officer from Richmond who was shot during a traffic stop near 12 street and C street.

She has been with the department for four years and is reported as a diligent server and a fine officer by her seniors. Speaking about the incident, Chief Michael Britt said that the woman was on her duty when the suspect decided to open fire on the lady.

While he asked for prayers for the lady, the chief briefed the situation and explained what probably happened. He said that Burton stopped the traffic around 7 pm when the suspect pulled out his gun and fired it at the lady, seriously injuring her with multiple wounds.

The culprit reportedly tried to flee, but other officers chased after him and eventually caught him. On the other hand, Seara, after being rushed to the hospital, now lies in the Miami Valley Hospital and is in critical condition.

How Old Is Seara Burton? Age Details

The injured police officer from Richmond, Seara Burton, is 28 years old.

FOX59 producer, Allison Hammond, tweeted about the incident and reported the four-year veteran officer to be at the age of 28. She also mentioned that Burton is a K-9 holder as she opened up about her current situation.

Regardless of information about her age, nothing much about her childhood life and other pieces of facts are known.

Seara Burton Family Details

While Seara Burton’s family and parents’ details are a mystery, she is an engaged woman who was soon to marry.

Speaking about the woman, the police chief, Britt, also mentioned that Seara is engaged and was set to marry next week. But given the circumstances, the function might be postponed to a later date after the woman improves.

Besides, the department has not disclosed further details about her personal life for privacy reasons.

Is Seara Burton Shooting Suspect Arrested?

Yes, the suspect who shot Seara Burton in Richmond is arrested and is recognized as a 47-year-old man named Philip M. Lee.

As per the report by FOX59, the man inside the vehicle was Philip M. Lee, age 47, and he was responsible for everything that happened at the stop. After shooting the officer, he tried to escape as he got out of the vehicle and started running.

A few officers chased after him and eventually caught him. The suspect, Lee, now lies in prison, waiting for his case to develop.

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