Who Is Tina Frey From Cypress Arrow Cane Corso? Daughter Victoria Elizabeth Brimer In Video involving The Dog Abuse

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Who Is Tina Frey From Cypress Arrow Cane Corso? Daughter Victoria Elizabeth Brimer In Video involving The Dog Abuse

Tina Frey and her daughter Victoria Elizabeth Brimer were seen physically harming a dog in a video that is being viral by the name of training at their training facility in Louisiana.

The video is disturbing; netizens are demanding appropriate punishment by law for the mother-daughter duo. They used to post several videos on their social media accounts related to dog breeding, grooming, etc.

Who Is Tina Frey From Cypress Arrow Cane Corso?

Tina identifies as a trainer in Cypress Arrow Cane Corso, a dog training facility based in Louisiana, USA. She is the owner and manager of the place, as per several reports.

They joined K9 Training Academy and are Louisiana’s giant cane Corso breeder and all-breed dog trainer. Before this incident, they were regarded as the best people in the game regarding dog breeding in their state, but that video has turned their life upside down.

They have deleted all their social media handles and taken down their company’s website. She was seen beating a black Cane Corso dog with a stick while she and her daughter held the dog with a lease.

Daughter Victoria Elizabeth Brimer Dog Abuse Twitter Video

Victoria was equally involved with her mother in which the mother-daughter duo brutally hit the dog in its face and head area. However, some days back, her videos were adored by the viewers, and they used to shower lovely comments on her video, appreciating her work and love towards animals.

Multiple videos of alleged animal abuse at a K9 academy in Lena are spreading around the country – we are on the ground working to investigate the claims. https://t.co/Gtjcgy18hQ

Everything changed as soon as that video which seemed to be shot without their knowledge, exposed her dark side of her. Since then, she has vanished from the internet. There is no trace of her existence on the internet.

Even the website of their company, one of the state’s most extensive dog breeding facilities, is taken down. Netizens were furious after the video of her and her mother beating an innocent dog. She might have drifted away from social media after not comprehending the hate she and her mother were facing.

Many animal rights activists and social organizations for the welfare of animals are trying everything on their hands to punish the culprit but haven’t been successful. According to reports, no cases have been filed against this case. They have made themself disappear from the internet and have been ignoring phone calls as well.

The dog owner, Kayci Gonzales, stepped forward after the video got viral on the internet. He mentioned that the poor soul is Yassie, a one-year-old choco lab. The web video of Tina Frey abusing a dog has gained the attention of several law authorities.

Alexandria Police Department mentioned that they hadn’t pressed charges against the actions of Ms. Frey, and they are also actively following the case. The Rapides Parish Sheriff’s Office has also said they are closely looking into the situation.

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