Who Killed Jessica Nelson? Obituary and Matthew Kidder Murder Charges

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Who Killed Jessica Nelson? Obituary and Matthew Kidder Murder Charges

Jessica Nelson was killed by her family friend, Matthew Kidder, by strangling her with a telephone cord at her house.

Matthew initially denied killing her but later proved his wrongdoings after further investigation. He also revealed every part of his story to a cellmate with whom he shared a cell during the initial stage of investigations.

Who Killed Jessica Nelson?

Matthew Kidder murdered his family friend Nelson and even managed to attend her funeral before being arrested by authorities. When Nelson’s mother visited her home to see how her daughter was doing, she found Nelson’s body partially submerged in the bathtub, naked, with the water running.

She was holding a cell phone charging wire in one hand while in the fetal position. Nelson’s head was covered in blood. In addition, there was blood in her eyes, bruising and abrasions on her neck, and a strangling mark on her neck that was comparable with the cell phone cable. The victim was strangled to death by that cellphone cord. Additionally, there was proof that the killer had sexually harassed Nelson.

Jessica Nelson’s Obituary And Family Tribute

Jessica passed away at 28, leaving her 8-year-old son behind without a parent. She was buried at Westlawn-Hillcrest Memorial Park in Omaha, Douglas County, Nebraska, USA. Her parents, Melissa and Harry A. Nelson, are still in pain of losing their daughter to this date.

Forensic experts discovered two DNA samples on the mobile phone cord from the crime scene. In addition, Nelson’s left and right hands had their fingernails swabbed, and the results were similar in both cases.

After following this lead, the police discovered that the DNA sample was of Mathew, who had suffered an injury on his head, which seemed like a scar from the nail. Therefore, the authorities arrested him to investigate further.

Matthew Kidder Murder Charges: Where Is The Killer In 2022?

Concerning Jessica Nelson’s death, Matthew Kidder was found guilty of first-degree murder and using a weapon that caused substantial bodily harm. In 2016, the man was facing a mandatory life term in prison for the rape and strangulation of Jessica.

In 2018, a judge sentenced Kidder to fifty years in prison for possessing a weapon. However, after learning that fifty years was outside the legal range, the judge lowered the sentence to twenty years. Although Matthew’s convictions were upheld and he was given a life sentence, the Nebraska Supreme Court ordered the lower court to reinstate its original 50-year sentence.

Under Nebraska law, punishments of up to 50 years are permitted. Therefore, the court’s initial ruling was legitimate.

Matthew Kidder Denied Of Murdering Jessica nelson At First

Kidder denied going to Nelson’s house on the night of the murder, June 24, 2015. However, he made a point of adding that he heavily sweated on Nelson’s couch and the mattress when he told police he was at her house on June 23 to assist her in moving items. After the interview, Kidder was taken into custody on suspicion of killing Nelson.

He was kept in a cell where he shared the room with another inmate named Randy Anderson for a day. He uttered everything in front of him, and later Randy testified against him to make matters worse for Kidder. He even made a call to his father from behind bars. Authorities captured the jail call on tape. Kidder acknowledged over the phone that he spent around 20 minutes at Nelson’s home the night he murdered her.

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