Who Was Ashley Pegram? Death After Missing Of Summerville Girl, Where Is Edward Bonilla Today?

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Who Was Ashley Pegram? Death After Missing Of Summerville Girl, Where Is Edward Bonilla Today?

The native of Summerville, South Carolina, Ashley Nicole Pegram, was a 28 years old woman who became the victim of a nightmarish trap set by an online predator with murder on his mind.

Ashley went missing the day she went on a date with the then 30 years old Edward Bonilla; her sister found out through her Kik account that Edward identified himself as 18-year-old Emoney Bon.

Ashley Pegram Obituary And Death After Missing Case Details

Ashley Pegram was a 28 years old victim of murder who lost her life on the 4th of April, 2015; she was born on the 25th of April 1986, in Charleston, Charleston County, South Carolina, USA.

Pegram went missing after she went out on a date with a man she met on social media, but the 28 years old wasn’t alive when the police found her; she got murdered by her date, and her body was in terrible condition when found.

Ashley was only on her shapewear with her hair tangled in her spectacles, neck fractured, and a blunt force trauma in her skull; her death cause got ruled as homicide violence. Moreover, her decaying body was recovered from a shallow grave on the 9th of May 2015.

Where Is Edward Bonilla Now?

The murderer of Ashley Pegram, Edward, is serving his time behind bars for committing the heinous crime as he got sentenced to a lifetime in prison without parole.

The convict showed no emotion as the verdict was read, with the judge saying the death of Pegram was brutal, including the burial of her body found in a shallow grave in Harleyville.

His malicious and evil act was not forgivable, yet he tried to cover his wrongdoings by revealing the unfortunate event due to an argument that day. He said that Ashley accused him of stealing her mom’s cellphone, so he hit her with his car and tried to restrain the woman. The killer then put her in a bear hug or choke hold when she fell to the ground dead.

What Happened To Ashley Pegram?

Ashely got killed by the guy he went out on a date with; little did the innocent soul know her date would brutally take her life and dispose of her body in a shallow burial.

The kind and gentle spirit who loved shopping, helping others, and spending time outdoors, was gone too soon; she was only in her late 20s when she got killed by someone with whom she dreamed of starting a new life.


Furthermore, her heartbreaking story got featured in the episode, ‘Swipe for Murder.’ The episode aired in the 5th season of Web of Lies and explained how Pegram became the victim of an online predator with murder on his mind.

Ashley Pegram Left Behind Her Family: Meet Her Husband And Kids

Pegram had three children she left behind, but her husband’s name remains a mystery; she was a mother of three Haley, Katelyn, and Aaron.

As per the daily mail, the murder victim was mourning her boyfriend, who died in a traffic accident, and while in search of a new man, she encountered the murderer through the Kik app.

Likewise, she was the beloved daughter of Jimmy and Rama Chance. Furthermore, the 28-year-old had five siblings, two sisters, Elizabeth Goins and Brandy Chance, and three brothers, Frank Sumner, Jamie Sumner, and Jonathan Rogers.

Our heart goes to Ashley’s loved ones, and we send them our deepest condolence; she will always remain in our thoughts. Hopefully, the little ones of the victim have grown up to be incredible human beings to make their mom in heaven proud.

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