Who Was Christian Bono From Florida? Car Accident, Death and Obituary

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Who Was Christian Bono From Florida? Car Accident, Death and Obituary

Who Was Christian Bono From Florida? Family Of The Baseball Player Passed Away in The Accident

A tragic car accident killed three young teenagers from Florida in 2020, which included aspiring baseball players Christian Bono, Matthew Bono, and Nehemiah Turban.

The three were part of the same baseball team while Christian and Matthew were brothers driving through Southwest California Boulevard.

Christian Bono was a high school student from Florida who lost his life in a car accident alongside two other teenagers, of which one was his younger brother.

Bono was a part of the St. Lucie West Centennial High School varsity baseball team and his brother, Matthew Bono. Another friend of his who was involved in the accident was Nehemiah on the Treasure Coast High School varsity baseball team.

The team members had nothing wrong to say while talking about their team members and were devastated by their fellow teammates’ untimely death.

Christian was only 16 when the accident occurred; his brother was 15, while his friend Turban was 16. They were close friends who played together on a Little League travel team.

Christian Bono’s Death In Car Accident

Christian Bono and Nehemiah Turban passed away in a car accident in early August 2020, leaving his brother, Matthew, severely injured.

An investigation into the crash revealed that 16-year-old Christian was in the driver’s seat with Turban in the passenger’s seat during the impact. According to the authorities, Bono was driving too fast to handle a slight curve on the road near Southwest California boulevard and Southwest Heatherwood Boulevard and crashed into a power pole.

The two teenagers in the front seats died on the scene, while the 15-year-old boy got transferred to the hospital with severe wounds and died on August 5 while receiving treatment. Christian was driving a 2003 Toyota Camry at high speed, causing him to lose control and move into the opposing traffic, crashing into the cement pole.

Obituary Of The Deceased Teenagers

Christian Bono, along with Turban’s school, issued an obituary for the boys and paid tribute to the loss of their students, saying, “Both of those young men, 100%, were just great guys. It’s a tremendous loss for both high schools and both programs.”

Friends, families, and teachers paid respect to the deceased teenagers, setting up a memorial for Christian and Turban at the site of the accident. The death of the young kids brought together the whole community to console teh parents of the deceased and pay their respects.

Bono and Turban had a joint funeral two weeks after the accident, and their teams paid tribute to their fallen members on the Little League field with heavy hearts. A mother from their school set up a fundraiser for the funeral, and medical expenses of the two boys, amounting to $77000 for some relief to the family.

The family friend spoke, “This community came together in a way I never imagined. I can’t thank everyone enough for all they’ve done. We were able to say goodbye to these amazing boys in the perfect way and in the perfect place, Southwest Little League, where it all began.”

She added, “These boys are so loved and touched many lives…more than they probably realize. They will be missed beyond measure.”

The Bono family lost two of their boys in the accident, and no one could measure the amount of tragedy that hit the family. Still, the tribute paid by the community to the boys was of some help and consolation to the bereaved family.

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