Who Was Christian Obumseli? Courtney Clenney Boyfriend Age and Net Worth – Murder Update

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Who Was Christian Obumseli? Courtney Clenney Boyfriend Age and Net Worth – Murder Update

Who Was Christian Obumseli? Courtney Clenney Arrested In The Murder Of Boyfriend In Miami

Christian “Toby” Obumseli, 27, was allegedly fatally stabbed by Courtney Clenney, 26, who also posts as Courtney Tailor on social media. She allegedly killed her lover after stabbing him in the chest.

For allegedly killing Christian Obumseli, 27, Courtney Clenney is accused with second-degree murder and is awaiting extradition from Hawaii to Florida.

Courtney Tailor, also known as Courtney Taylor Clenney, is an American model, actress, television personality, social media influencer, content creator, Youtuber, and businesswoman. She is from Midland, Texas.

This gorgeous woman is well known for her provocative and sexual social media posts. Frank Prieto, another representative for Clenney, asserts that she acted in self defense when Obumseli allegedly attacked her and seized her throat.

Courtney Clenney’s boyfriend, Christian Obumseli, earned a living as a skilled bitcoin trader. Under the account “christianvstoby,” Christian had 4066 followers on Instagram at the time of his death.

Christian just published a picture of Courtney and him holding hands. Obumseli’s account has been set to private after he passed away, however as of August 11, 2022, he has 8540 followers, almost tripling that amount.

He is accused of using a knife to stab him in the shoulder during a fight. Hawaiian law officials seized social media model Courtney Clenney on Wednesday on charges of second-degree murder with a dangerous weapon.

According to CBS Miami, the charge is related to the Florida death of her boyfriend, Christian Toby Obumseli, on April 3.

Christian Obumseli Age: How Old Was He?

Born in 1994 or 1995, Christian Obumseli was 27 years old when he died. Christian was around 5 feet 10 inches tall and weighed an average amount for a man of his size.

He and his brother Jeffrey Obumseli were close growing up. Although it is uncertain who his parents are, his family comes from Austin, Texas.

After Christian died, Jeffrey planned a fundraising event in his honor. According to the family member, his family is “utterly heartbroken,” “shocked,” and “hurt.”

As of the writing of this article, the campaign had raised $82,478 of its $100,000 fundraising target. Austin Rampy gave the largest donation of $5,000.


Christian Obumseli Net Worth

From his professional background, Christian Obumseli has an estimated net worth of $2 million. The model allegedly stabbed Christian Obumseli in self-defense.

However, she was taken into custody by Hawaii police on Wednesday in order to get ready for her extradition to Florida. As a result, the news has been widely disseminated online.

Christian and Courtney had been together for less than two years, but their relationship had not always been smooth. After Courtney was detained for domestic assault in Las Vegas, police were regularly called to their Austin, Texas home.

The couple relocated to Miami at the start of the year, but their apartment complex, One Paraiso, received multiple reports of domestic disturbances and even attempted to evict them.

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