Who Was David Fernandez From NY? Car Accident Death – What Happened?

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Who Was David Fernandez From NY? Car Accident Death – What Happened?

David Fernandez lost his life due to someone’s stupidity as the driver never stopped driving furiously on the street, despite knowing it could take innocent lives like David and Joel Adames.

Fernandez was a New York resident living an everyday life working as a family barber for years. David’s family never expected that he would not return home on August 3, 2022, after walking down West 207th Street at Sherman Avenue with his friend.

In particular, Fernandez was walking in the West 207th Street near Inwood neighborhood early Wednesday morning at around 4 am, when Subaru crashed onto the sidewalk striking two pedestrians after Sedan collied Subaru.

It is harsh to learn many people lose their lives due to irresponsible drivers in the street of New York each year. The New York City police had worked hard to reduce traffic fatalities and injuries over the past years, but it never stopped.

According to Transportation Alternatives reports, over thirty-six people got injured, including twelve pedestrians and two cyclists, on West 207th Street and Sherman Avenue, as it is one of the dangerous points for traffic fatalities.

Who Was David Fernandez From NY?

David Fernandez was the local family barber from New York City. David lost his life due to someone’s irresponsible driving attitude on the public street in the early morning. The emergency team rushed him to the Harlem Hospital for treatment, but he couldn’t make it due to severe injuries.

David was a humble man with friendly nature as he always had a good relationship with his friends and family. He never had any health issues over the past years and was a healthy man. He used to love dance as he often practiced in his free time.

His friend used to call him David La Salsa with love as he loved to dance. David loved simple life and was a regular worker living a decent life. His well-wishers are devastated to learn of his untimely demise due to someone’s stupidity.

Did David Fernandez Die In Car Accident? Death Cause

David Fernandez died in a car accident when Sabaru moving south on Sherman Avenue, hit two parked cars and struck him on Wednesday morning. The medical team tried their best to save his life, but he died due to severe injuries.

The BMW sedan collided with a Subaru, causing it to hit two pedestrians, Joel Adames and David, as it was moving north on Sherman Avenue. The medical team rushed Adames to Allen Pavilion Hospital, but he died in the hospital.

New York City had announced to install the speed cameras around the clock to reduce the traffic fatalities across the city. However, two pedestrians lost their lives within two days of New York City’s announcement.

David Fernandez Age Wiki And Family

David Fernandez died at the early age of 40 in a catastrophic accident. Many want to learn about his wiki and family on the web at the current date. However, we can find limited information about him from some news portals.

The authorities have not disclosed anything about his family in the public domain. Further, his family has not published any official statement on his death cause in the following days. According to his family, everyone loved him due to his good nature.

People have asked for strict action against the careless driver on behalf of his family. Further, many have forwarded their love and respect for David, and we also want to send our deepest sympathy to David’s family via this article.

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