Who Was Vijay Gill From RapidAPI? SPV Engineer Death & Obituary, What Happened To The Google Employee?

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Who Was Vijay Gill From RapidAPI? SPV Engineer Death & Obituary, What Happened To The Google Employee?

Many of Vijay Gill’s close friends on Twitter have confirmed that he has passed away. At RapidAPI Inc., Vijay Gill served as SVP of Engineering.

Everyone in the engineering department achieved achievement thanks to Vijay Gill, who also cleared obstacles to the team’s performance. We offer our heartfelt condolences to the family of the departed soul. He will be missed.

Who Was Vijay Gill From RapidAPI? SPV Engineer Death & Obituary

There is no official news of Vijal Gill passing away. However, some users on Twitter are announcing the news of his death.

At RapidAPI, Vijay served as senior vice president of engineering. According to his LinkedIn id, at Databricks, he served as SVP of Engineering. He created the product, platform, and infrastructure for the Databricks Unified Analytics Platform. He harnessed the power of AI thanks to the Apache SparkTM team’s genuinely unified approach to data analytics.

At Salesforce, he served as SVP of Software Engineering. He created pipelines for data from cloud platforms, telemetry, analytics, diagnostics, and visibility. For SalesForce, he incorporated NoSQL data plane and service, AI, and ML PaaS.

As he is reported to be dead, one of the users wrote on Twitter, ” I don’t know what happened, but the last time I saw Vijay Gill was right before the pandemic; he and @_Amanda_Walker came over, and we had a bottle of Kavalan in my back yard, and we debated whether we had blown up the world with our work.”

“What a loss for the world and for tech.”

What Happened To Vijay Gill?

As reported, Vijay Gill has passed away. However, the cause of his death is not known yet. People are pouring his heartfelt tributes on social media as the news about his death begins to surface on the internet.

One of his friends described him as, “Vijay was sharp without being mean. He was pithy but didn’t oversimplify. His death will create a gap for many folks and provoke a deep set of reflections even more.”

Likewise, another person wrote, “Very sad news in the networking world today, as many people now know, Vijay Gill passed away suddenly today. He had a huge impact on the industry and will be missed dearly. RIP my friend.”

Another user wrote, “Rest in peace, Vijay Gill. The NANOG community will miss you.”

Vijay Gill Age- How Old Was He When He Died?

Vijay Gill appeared to be in his late 40s. Throughout his career, he also worked for Microsoft for more than four years. He worked as a general manager and director.

He oversaw the teams in control of the core network, the peering and interconnection strategy, commercial and legal negotiations, design planning, and technological advancement for the production network supporting CDN, cloud, and services products. He was entirely responsible for rates, availability, and a CAPEX and COGS budget/P&L of XXX million USD.

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