Why Firefighters To Blame For Kobe Bryant Crash Photos On Twitter? Reddit Autopsy Sketch

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Why Firefighters To Blame For Kobe Bryant Crash Photos On Twitter? Reddit Autopsy Sketch

The world lost the shining star of the NBA, Kobe Byrant, on January 26, 2020. Three months after Kobe Bryant passed away, an autopsy report was posted on Reddit, revealing that the basketball player had suffered severe fatal injuries, terrible brain damage, and 30% burns.

Moreover, according to an internal investigation, two firefighters were found to have taken photos of the crash site, which was none of their business. The millions immediately criticized the disclosure of such a serious matter.

Kobe played shooting guard in the National Basketball Association (NBA) for the Los Angeles Lakers for his 20-year career. The year 2020 saw the passing of Bryant in a helicopter crash in Calabasas, California, along with his daughter Gianna and seven other people. Several memorials and tributes were published following his passing, including renaming the All-Star MVP Award in his honor.

Why Are Firefighters Blamed For Kobe Bryant Crash Photos On Twitter?

The millions of people in the world still find it difficult to accept that Kobe Bryant is no longer with us. Gianna Byrant, 13, Kobe Bryant, and other parents and players traveled by chartered helicopter to a girls basketball tournament when it crashed in the foggy Calabasas hill, west of Los Angeles.

For taking pictures of the helicopter crash where Kobe Bryant, his daughter, and seven others succumbed to death, the Los Angeles County Fire Department intends to fire two firefighters and suspend a third.

After an internal investigation, it was confirmed that the two firefighters had taken pictures of the victims remaining in the helicopter wreckage that served no business necessity but only appealed to baser instincts and desires for what amounted to visual gossip.

I understand the lure in trying to read Kobe Bryant’s autopsy report. I imagine it was morbid. But there is peace in knowing he went very quickly. Probably instantly. Remember him like this. https://t.co/IJQM6EwQLX

In September, Vanessa initially filed a lawsuit for invasion of privacy against several deputies, firefighters, and other officials for taking and disseminating disturbing images of the helicopter crash’s wreckage, which included those of her daughter and her husband. Reportedly, a deputy showed those ghastly graphic images at a nearby bar.

In December, the two firefighters were sent “intention to discharge” letters when Vanessa Bryant’s attorneys wrote a document to support the postponement of the lawsuit trial.

The third firefighter, a media relations representative, was dispatched to the crash site to speak with the media. The name of all three firefighters remains unknown.

Los Angeles County Fire Department spokesman Captain Ron Haralson declined to comment due to the ongoing legal dispute. He claimed he could not confirm whether the firefighters should be fired or given a warning.

While it is a case of breaching someone’s privacy (that even of a dead), the photos should not have been exposed in the first place, or the firefighters should be penalized so that no one will further be motivated to do so in future.

Kobe Bryant Reddit Autopsy Sketch And Lawsuit Trial

According to the autopsy trending on Reddit, the pilot who took Bryant and other people to the basketball game had neither alcohol nor drugs in his system. When their aircraft collided, all nine sustained severe injuries.

The basketball player and his traveling companions perished instantly due to physical trauma, according to the report that was made public.

Juan Carrillo, a senior deputy medical examiner, said that those wounds were quick, if not now, lethal. When the craft hit the ground, it was moving at a speed of about 296 kph, causing a helicopter effect and scattered debris. Despite flames submerged in the rubble, there was burning of the deceased after death.

Federal safety officials attributed the accident to pilot error. Bryant had to be identified using his fingerprints after his body was found outside the chopper wreckage. The NBA player’s daughter Gianna also perished in the collision.

Shame On Those Releasing Kobe Bryant’s Dead Body and Remains Photos

Brant sued the LA County Sheriff’s Office and the city’s fire department for invasion of privacy in the wake of the basketball player’s death in 2020, along with their daughter and seven other people, which further made an unspecified demand for millions of dollars in damages.

Five months after the collision, in June 2020, investigators from the government concluded that pilot Zobayan had been confused by fog.

Vanessa Bryant contends that the exposed images violated her privacy, which the County argues is against California law. According to the filing, images of the scene were shown to a bartender, not the internet or media, and this cannot constitute an invasion of Plaintiff’s privacy.

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