Youtuber MrBeast Is Not Shot To Dead, False Death News Over Previous Car Crash Accident

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Youtuber MrBeast Is Not Shot To Dead, False Death News Over Previous Car Crash Accident

MrBeast facing shot to death rumors almost shattered his followers until they discovered it was fake.

An American YouTuber, Mr Beast, who has won the heart of his million followers, once again became the talking subject on the internet with the rumors.

Only, this time, it seems to have outraged his followers to the core. Well, to everyone’s relief, the viral words on the street turn out to be a hoax.

He is a social media personality, a philanthropist, and an entrepreneur who is notable for being the fifth-most-subscribed YouTuber on the platform.

Being on the social media platform for almost decades and increasing popularity, he often seems to have become the target of false news on the internet.

Learn about the recent internet drama on one of the people’s favorite influencers.

MrBeast Shot To Dead Is A Fake News

MrBeast has been the subject on the internet for a while after the fake news of him getting shot to death went viral. Thankfully, he is all safe and sound and seems to be in good health.

His followers, who had been worried sick about the rumors, are finally letting their breath out after discovering that it is just a hoax. It all seems to have started after the video claiming he died went viral on social media platforms.

MrBeast sarcastically cleared the rumor on Twitter, mentioning, “Just found out I died,” while also posting the article’s screenshot, which appears to have been down.

He updated his Instagram post not long ago, mentioning, “WE JUST UPLOADED OUR 100,000,000 SUBSCRIBER SPECIAL! Go watch :)” What’s more, he recently tweeted, “It just hit me how ridiculous our views have gotten, I remember when 100 views would make me cry lol”

His followers have been more than happy to find out he is alive and healthy but equally raged that someone has spread the false rumors.

@MrBeast Bro people are saying you died from a gun shot thank god it’s not real

MrBeast Car Crash Accident And Death Rumors

As famous YouTuber MrBeast faces death rumors on the internet, his past incident of a car crash surfaced on the internet.

He opened up about the devastating incident on the podcast while conversing with Karl Jacobs and Sapnap (Minecraft players). The YouTuber started the conversation with, “Yeah, I could tell you some cool stuff. I can tell you about the time I almost died.”

He then told the story, “It was me and two of my friends. None of us were drinking or anything like that. We all get a good sleep, get up in the morning, and begin our drive home.”

It was a two hours drive with his friends, and they were all tired. When he turned off the podcast they were listening to, he discovered that his friend Andrew “passed out while driving,” and the car was hitting 70 miles on the highway.

He initially took control of the wheel and managed to hit the brakes but continues, “Andrew comes back to life and hits the gas full throttle.”

“… So I just jerked the steering wheel to the right, and we hit a concrete wall and stopped. I got bruises all over my head and my stomach…”

Where Is Mr Beast Now?

MrBeast is doing what he does now, YouTubing and communicating with his followers. He recently shared a tweet with a screenshot of YouTube account views graphs.

People have loved his content and his humorous nature in the video. Only a few days ago, he uploaded a post on YouTube with the title, “I Gave My 100,000,000th Subscriber An Island.”

The YouTube video already has around 47 million views.

Mr Beast Scam Of Worth Explained

“Mr Beast Giveaway” scam is currently surfacing the internet, which only seems to be spreading malware with the schemes.

The scam shows that every subscriber of the YouTuber, Mr Beast, will be eligible for the monetary prize giveaway.

We request the internet users not to trust such a fake giveaway scam.

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