Artvangrow aka Amanda Marie Video On Viral Home Depot Karen Girl

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Artvangrow aka Amanda Marie Video On Viral Home Depot Karen Girl

The real name of @artvangrow on TikTok is Amanda Marie. She is infamous for firing workers from Home Depot and requesting that they return to their native countries.

The TikTok user has come up in online discussions and recently went viral after insulting Home Depot employees. Talking about her, she is a self-described traveler and influencer on TikTok and recently has gained notoriety for her horrible treatment of the Home Depot employees.

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Artvangrow aka Amanda Marie Video On Viral Home Depot Karen Girl

Amanda Marie, known by her username @artvangrow is soaring on the Internet for firing workers from Home Depot. Marie later posted about her inappropriate behavior on social media when she requested the Home Depot employees to return to their countries.

She published a video online but has been criticized for it. In the video, she implied that she might have trouble understanding it. She continued by saying that the remarks were not inappropriate given what she was saying at the particular time.

However, since the video was made public, Amanda has been called “Karen” on Twitter, and her vile behavior amassed much attention. The term Karen is used for those women (white women) who portray a demanding character beyond the scope of what is normal. They often do so by using their white privilege to demand their way.

To illustrate, a home depot employee was yelled at by TikTok star Amanda Marie (@artvangrow) to return to her country and behave better.

Not only she misbehaved with the worker, but, she had the audacity to post a description of the incident on Twitter, and asked for the community’s assistance in her earlier post. Netizens were mad at her and called her out for being racist.

Artvangrow’s Age And Real Name

As mentioned earlier, Artvangrow’s real name is Amanda Marie and she uses her username @artvangrow on TikTok.

The TikTok influencer has not revealed her age details, but it looks like she is in her 30s. Her behavior has circulated all over social media platforms, such as Instagram, Twitter, and Reddit.

Amanda, who has more than 14K followers on her account, highlighted her racist behavior just for fun, hurting the sentiments of others. She fired Mr. Hansen and Jamie from their jobs at Home Depot.

The fired workers received positive feedback from Internet users after Amanda Marie shared a video of their argument on social media. She alleges that those two employees were rude to her while shopping there and that she was forcibly removed from the premises.

The Video That Went Viral On Reddit, Twitter, Instagram; What Happened?

On her video, we can hear the off-the-grid homesteader firing a Black Home Depot employee, and you can hear her from her car. The man said, “If you’re going to be disrespectful, go”, and she said after that she was not leaving and turned back.

Amanda apologized for the incident and posted on Facebook that two of the employees had been moved to a different state. She further offered to pay $1,000. She continued by saying Hassan had taken responsibility for his actions.

The two workers of a nearby retain store were being filmed by Amanda, who noted in the caption that one of the workers had abused her. She asked for several thousand dollars for an unclear purpose.

The argument is thought to have started after her request for an influencer discount was turned down.

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