Does Jhon Rovero Have Celebral Hypoxia? Health Condition Of Andrew Schimmer Wife Now

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Does Jhon Rovero Have Celebral Hypoxia? Health Condition Of Andrew Schimmer Wife Now

Jhon Rovero, the gorgeous wife of Andrew Schimmer, has been fighting against Cerebral brain hypoxia for a couple of months.

Andrew Schimmer is a philippine actor born on June 10, 1986, in Manila. His wife is currently admitted to the hospital because of Cerebral hypoxia disease.

Cerebral hypoxia occurs when there is not enough oxygen getting to the brain. The brain needs a constant supply of nutrition and oxygen to function. This disease affects the most significant brain part, the hemispheres.

Jho Rovero has become the subject of worry for Andrew’s fans in the ongoing situation. She has been getting treatment for more than three weeks.

Moreover, Rovero was in the hospital bed on her birthday this year as Andrew uploaded beautiful pictures of them wishing her a speedy recovery with a sweet birthday wish. Andrew’s love for his wife has melted people’s hearts.

Let’s learn about Jho Rovero Cerebral Hypoxia disease and Her health update.

Does Jho Rovero Have Cerebral Hypoxia?

Jho Rovero, the beautiful spouse of Andrew Schimmer, has been suffering from Cerebral Hypoxia.

Jho Rovero suffered from brain hypoxia in November 2021. Jho’s video from the hospital has gone trending on the web and tearing hundreds of people as she is in terrible condition. Everyone has been praying for Andrew’s wife to recover soon.

John’s disease and medical condition broke down Andrew as he dearly loves her and wants her to recover from her illness. Moreover, his emotional appeals on his social media have torn down everyone’s heart, and people have been sharing them.

However, he has to pay her wife’s medical bills to the hospital as the medical expenses have touched the sky within a few weeks. Many people are helping by contributing money to pay their medical costs.

Jho Rovero: Where Is She Now?

Jho Rovero is currently getting treatment for her Cerebral Hypoxia disease.

Specifically, Jho has been getting therapy in the emergency unit at St. Luke’s Medical Center in Bonifacio Global, City, for more than three weeks. Rovero had a severe asthma assault causing heart failure and cerebrum hypoxia.

Jho’s infection and aliment separated Andrew, but he believed that Jho would fight from disease. Andrew’s fans are praying for her smooth recovery from this disease.

Moreover, Accidents, heart attacks, and strokes can deprive the brain of oxygen, leading to cerebral hypoxia. Cerebral hypoxia is a medical emergency that can cause a permanent brain injury.

Jho Rocero Health Update: Is She Hospitalized Or Not?

Jho Rocero is admitted to the ICU of St. Luke’s Medical Center, Located in the Bonifacio City area.

This medical issue started after her severe asthma attack, followed by cardiac arrest and brain hypoxia. Andrew broke down when his wife needed to be admitted to the ICU.

Moreover, for his wife’s treatment, Andrew has asked his fellow celebrities and admirers to help him collect money to pay his medical bills. He revealed that his wife’s medical bill had reached almost P 3,000,000.

We wish for her speedy recovery and hope Rocero will get well soon.

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