Family Mourns RPD Officer Anthony Mazurkiewicz Funeral

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Family Mourns RPD Officer Anthony Mazurkiewicz Funeral

The family, and relatives along with his associate mourn RPD officer Anthony Mazurkiewicz’s funeral today, 1 August 2022.

Everyone had gathered today in downtown Rochester to tribute Rochester Police Officer. We believe that everyone present there sadly missed him for whatever position he held in their heart and life. His funeral was live-streamed.

May his family and relatives get enough strength to keep themselves composed in this painful situation. And may the deceased be guided to heaven and rest there forever. However, others also got hurt in the incident.

Obituary – Learn That Family Mourns RPD Officer Anthony Mazurkiewicz Funeral

Anthony Mazurkiewicz’s funeral obituary had been performed today 1st August. His family mourns during the funeral. It is indeed a heartbreaking case when anyone has to lose a family member.

The funeral was open to family and the first responders. It was held on Monday, at noon at the Blue Cross Arena at 100 Exchange Blvd. in downtown Rochester.

According to the Police of Rochester, the funeral services will be live-streamed for the public to participate via distant. Here is the link for you to watch it too.

Many roads had to remain closed during the funeral service. The private interment would be held at White Haven Memorial Park in Perinton.

The funeral procession carried out from Pittsford-Palmyra road to Mason road, west on Ayrault road, and then turned to follow Pittsford-Palmyra road to Interstate 490 started on Sunday night.

Mazurkiewicz joined the police force in 1993. He was recognized by the department for his various good jobs. He was also awarded RPD’s highest honors, the Medal of Valor and Purple Heart, according to Greg Bello, based on

What Happened To Anthony Mazurkiewicz?

Anthony Mazurkiewicz became the victim of Bauman Street’s shooting. When 16 rounds were fired happened, he got two fire, shot him. He was working along with his partner Sino Seng.

Seng was also got shot in the leg and treated and released from Rochester General Hospital. In addition, a teenage girl was also shot and treated at the hospital. Her health was considered critical at the moment.

The suspect killer, Kelvin Vickers was arrested for the crime. He is only 21 years old, and his motive for the shooting has not been shared. The investigation must be still on, and would probably share later on. He was charged with second-degree murder and attempted murder.

How Did Anthony Mazurkiewicz Die?

Anthony Mazurkiewicz died because he was shot last week on Bauman Street. It is not easy for a police officer to live freely as there were many cases when they had to lose their lives as they can earn many haters.

He was conducting surveillance inside a parked, unmarked vehicle being the department’s tactical unit when 16 rounds were fired. He got shot twice in the torso.

The veteran was transported to Strong Memorial Hospital but declared dead after two hours. The death cause was the shot wound from the incident. He was 54 years old at the time of his death. He had 29 years given to his profession.

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