Is BBG Tyler Arrested For JayDaYoungan Murder? Charges And Mugshot

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Is BBG Tyler Arrested For JayDaYoungan Murder? Charges And Mugshot

Louisiana rapper BBG Tyler has been charged with the first-degree murder of JayDaYoungan. Did he confess to the crime?

BBG Tyler is an upcoming rapper from Louisiana. Some of his famous songs include In My Section, Can’t Say Goodbye, Faith, and more.

Nowadays, rap is almost synonymous with violence, with most hip-hop artist serving their time behind bars at the height of their successful days.

As more and more artists get lost to gun-related crimes and drugs, the community is in jeopardy of the extinction of the next generation as there would be no one left to continue their legacy.

Did BBG Tyler Arrest For JayDaYoungan Murder?

There were reports of BBG Tyler getting arrested for a hit-and-run case related to SoundCloud artist JayDaYongan.

According to the internet, he got caught hiding at the side of the house with his fingerprints and gloves as he had a stolen vehicle parked a few feet away. The black truck had bullet holes as the police had him behind bars for questioning.

There are no improvements to the case, as most people are still wondering if he had a connection to the crime or if he was just at the wrong place at the wrong time.

Meanwhile, rap enthusiasts knew his time was coming as he had numerous run-ins with the authorities as he got braver and braver each time.

No one is remotely surprised with the outcome as it got destined given his track record and disrespect for the higher-ups.

What Are BBG Tyler’s Charges? Mugshot Revealed

BBG Tyler’s charges include a hit and run, first-degree murder, and property damage. Rumors say he is still behind bars with no bail as the questions for the case are still ongoing.

For now, the case is heavy on his side as persecutors are sure he would serve a couple of years in prison.

The victim’s name is still undisclosed, but many speculate him to be JayDaYougan, an American rapper and singer.

Indeed, the Bogalusa, Louisiana-born rapper got his taste of fame after he received millions of streams on SoundCloud as he is the creator behind Interstate, 23 Island, Misunderstood, and many more.

In 2020, he got inducted into Billboard Emerging Artists Chart for the 36th position on the charts for his debut album, titled Misunderstood.

Besides, he had his share of brawls with the inspectors when he got charged with felony possession of a controlled substance after cops found 20 grams of marijuana while his passenger had a firearm.

Fortunately, he got released after paying a fine of 2.5 thousand dollars, but he did not learn his lesson.

Throughout the years, he harassed pregnant women and got charged with second-degree murder and child desertion.

BBG Tyler Age And Wikipedia- Who Is He?

BBG Tyler is a young and emerging artist who is present on SoundCloud and has thousands of listeners. His age is a mystery, but we assume him to be in his 20s.

He released his music on Youtube through Tavis TV, which has nine thousand subscribers.

Indeed, his music transcends the platform’s influence as he averages double the views.

You can learn more about him through his Instagram handle bbgtyler.4kt, where he has 66 followers as he was young at the scene.

He had only two posts, but he made sure to give shoutouts to his family members like his baby mama, Jordan, and sister, Anna Marie.

Lastly, he has two kids, Dess and Destiny, whose identity remains unknown.

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