Is Skylar Tosic Found? Escondido Teen Missing Case Update – What Happened To Her?

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Is Skylar Tosic Found? Escondido Teen Missing Case Update – What Happened To Her?

27-year-old Skylar Peterson Tosic was a caregiver who went missing in 2015 after meeting wealthy women and accompanying them on vacation.

The peculiar circumstance surrounding his vanishing has baffled his mother, Olivia, as she did not give up on his tracking even after the authorities forgot about it. She took matters into her own hands and hacked his computer to locate his exact whereabouts and close friends.

Indeed, she was unwavering in her advocacy as she passed out thousands of fliers in both English and Spanish.

Having no other way, the agitated mama set up a Facebook page of her own, having more than 3100 followers.

Did Skylar Peterson Tosic Get Found? Escondido Teen Missing Case Update

Escondido, San Diego caregiver Skylar Peterson Tosic has not been found since he went missing on 30th August 2015.

According to reporters, he got last seen in the hills near San Pasqual Valley and the San Diego Wild Animal park. In a text he sent to his mother, he subjected about meeting two affluent women who had offered him a free vacation as he jumped on the gun and went ahead without confirming their identity.

After the message, he vanished from the face of the earth as people ponder if he got taken away by human traffickers.

Her parents have set up a Facebook page called Help Find Skylar Peterson Tosic, where they keep their hopes high and make people remember that he is still missing.

How Old Is Skylar Peterson Tosic? What Is His Age?

Skylar Peterson Tosic was only 20 years old when he disappeared from plain sight and now would be 27 years old.

The five feet man was giving care to his mother’s fiancé, Ukulele Ray, a famous Escondido musician, who had trouble walking after suffering from complications of Valley Fever.

He had a turbulent childhood as he never had a father figure. His partner went their separate ways when he was still in her belly and got raised by his extended family.

As a teenager, he had shown a knack for music as he played with a couple of rock bands, performing in places like Whiskey a Go Go on the Sunset Strip while making time to tutor kids in maths.

Unlike his peers, he had sworn off drugs after a bad experience with bath salts, cutting off friendships to keep his ethics.

After enrolling in college, he made a new friend despite being pessimistic, but sadly the story ended before they could make deeper bonds.

Does Skylar Peterson Tosic Have Parents?

Skylar Peterson Tosic is the son of his single mother, Olivia Tosic. After seven years of relentless searching, she has not given up on the investigation for her child as she decided to hold a rock concert in his honor in 2021.

Indeed, she is the mastermind behind the Sky Alert Foundation, a fledgling nonprofit, and is doing great work to offer help to parents and find better ways to locate their children.

Meanwhile, she used the organization’s services to build an app that features a nationwide network of licensed drones to capture and access sky footage to find any person faster than any authorities.

The fund also aided in hosting a charity rock concert featuring Daring Greatly at Flawless Bistro & Bar in Escondido.

Sadly, she is still traumatized by the event as she persists that he was a nice guy, an upstanding guy, who had a car, a job, and a stable lifestyle as he must have found a way to stay alive.

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