Is Stanley Dishon Still In Prison? Jessica Dishon Uncle Murder Charges

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Is Stanley Dishon Still In Prison? Jessica Dishon Uncle Murder Charges

In September of 1999, a 17-year-old girl named Jessica Dishon went missing. The girl from Built County, Kentucky, had her personal belongings in the car.

The town was terrified, and her parents were relentless. No one had suspected someone from her own home was a culprit until cops found her. Read further to find a heinous crime that people still remember today.

Is Stanley Dishon Still In Prison? Jessica Dishon’s Uncle Murder Charges

In January 2015, Stanley Dishon surprisingly confessed that he was responsible for the death of her niece, Jessica Dishon. Under the plea agreement’s terms, Dishon would receive a combined sentence for all charges of 20 years in prison, with a 16-year parole eligibility period.

Stanley Dishon informed Nelson Circuit Court Judge Charles Simms in a low voice that he was guilty of Jessica’s murder and the charges of rape, incest, and sodomy in four other cases. In March 2015, he was sentenced.

During his guilty plea in Bardstown, Dishon did not speak much, simply answering questions and nodding in agreement with his guilt.

Not only that, but he was told that he had a right to the trial; Stanley told Simms, “I don’t want to go to trial; I want to take the deal they offered,” pausing and talking briefly with one of his attorneys, Jennifer Wittmeyer. The defence attorneys refused to comment after the hearing.

Jessica’s mother, Edna Dishon, had made her constant presence in court throughout the years. She cried and hugged her family before and during the hearing. She sat near Mike Dishon, the father of Jessica. Her parents are no longer married but sat together in court.

Stanley Dishon Wikipedia And Crime Dateline

There is no Wikipedia page for Stanley Dishon. The man is currently serving his prison time on the charge of murdering his niece, Jessica Dishon.

On September 10, 1999, Jessica vanished from her driveway. She was allegedly dragged from her car as she was leaving for school, according to police.

Seven miles away and 17 days later, Jessica’s body was discovered in the Salt River Bottoms, a location for dumping trash, stolen cars, and other contraband. She had been assaulted and choked.

After two prison informants revealed to investigators that Stanley Dishon had separately confessed to them that he had confronted and then strangled his niece out of rage, jealousy, and fear that she would reveal that he had been sexually abusing her, the case was reopened in 2013.

As per the police records, the wife of Stanley Dishon had told a social worker in 2002 that her husband was “significantly affected” by the murder of his niece, Jessica Dishon.

EPISODE #58 // Jessica Dishon In September 1999, a 17-year-old in Kentucky didn’t show up to school. When her parents returned home from work, they saw her car was still in the driveway. As they took a closer look, they noticed a suspicious sceneĀ

Investigators claim that they caught Stanley Dishon in several lies during an interview in which he denied involvement in the murder and that family members of Dishon have also described his peculiar behavior around the time the teen was killed.

Additionally, Stanley Dishon has a history of sexually abusing young girls. In 2004, he admitted guilt to two sodomy charges. Likewise, in 2005, he received a 10-year prison term.

According to 2013 court documents, Stanley Dishon confronted his 17-year-old niece after driving to her home on September 10, 1999. The two argued, and Dishon chased the teenager around the yard before choking her where she fell.

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