Laura Bradbury Kidnapping – When Did She Go Missing? Age And Parents Revealed

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Laura Bradbury Kidnapping – When Did She Go Missing? Age And Parents Revealed

What Happened To Laura Bradbury? Kidnapping & Missing Case On Indian Cove Campground

Laura Bradbury is a three-and-a-half-year-old toddler who disappeared on a camping trip with her parents at Indian Cove Campground.

There have been many cases of disappearances throughout the years. People going missing is not a shock anymore. While some people get kidnapped, some meet an even worse fate.

Likewise, the case of Laura’s disappearance has also shaken the world. Laura was a toddler at the time of her disappearance, and her case is very bizarre.

Laura and her older brother, Travis headed to a portable restroom close to their campsite. Travis went inside the restroom while Laura stayed out and waited.

When Travis came out of the restroom, Laura was nowhere to be found. People started looking for Laura everywhere, and about 250 people were looking for Laura’s whereabouts.

Dogs, horses, and helicopters were used in search of Laura around the Indian Cove Campground, but there were no leads. Before losing track of her smell, a sniffer dog traced it for approximately two kilometers. Only three days had passed before the official search was suspended.

However, Laura’s family was determined they could find Laura. They started their pre-search for Laura and distributed flyers and T-shirts with Laura’s pictures on them. Additionally, they made appearances on discussion shows on radio and television, and the disappearance was twice reenacted on primetime television.

Laura was one of the first missing children to appear on milk cartons, and the search for her made national news. However, there were still no leads.

How Old Was Laura Bradbury At The Time Of Her Disappearance?

Laura was just three years old at the time of her disappearance. Her case made national news, and people from all over the city were trying to help find Laura.

There were no leads in the case. Before Laura vanished, witnesses claimed to have seen a guy in his forties driving a metallic blue van at Indian Cove Campground. A few hours later, a man with a similar appearance was spotted at Burns Canyon.

Even a hypnotist was hired by the sheriff’s office to attempt and get additional information from campers who had seen the bearded, potbellied man and his vehicle. However, there were no leads on the van after that as well.

Who Were Laura Bradbury Parents?

Laura was born to her parents, Patty and Mike Bradbury. She had an older brother of 8 years old whose name was Travis Bradbury.

Laura’s parents were not very happy with how the police handled the case and wanted to take things into their matter. They believed that the police knew Laura was kidnapped but were not helping.

Laura’s mother, Patty passed away in 2001, and in 2010, her father, Michael published a book titled “Laura Ann Bradbury: A Father’s Search” about his daughter’s abduction.

Hikers discovered a skull in 1986 that they thought belonged to Laura Bradbury close to the park’s western gate. However, the DNA did not match Laura’s, and the only thing we could tell from the skull was that it was of a child.

Michael has been trying to get the skull transferred to a Mortuary but was unable to and was not able to claim his daughter’s remains. To this day, Laura’s disappearance is still unsolved.

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