Mandeep Kaur from Richmond Hill, NY committed suicide after posting a heart-breaking video on social media

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Mandeep Kaur from Richmond Hill, NY committed suicide after posting a heart-breaking video on social media

Mandeep Kaur from Richmond Hill, NY, originally from Punjab, India, died from suicide after releasing a heart-breaking video on social media.

The internet has been accusing her husband of the death of Kaur due to various evidence of his verbally and physically abusing her.

Hence, the mental strain was too much for the 30-year-old mother, who was beaten in front of her kids. Also, no option of support and survival in foreign land led her to take her own life.

Mandeep Kaur From Richmond Hill, NY, Commits Suicide

According to Showbizcast, Mandeep Kaur from Richmond Hill committed suicide after releasing a tragic video of her grievances against her husband’s violence.

Kaur, a mother of two, disclosed her struggles with her husband. His husband seems to be thrashing and beating her, which leads her to take steps of self-harm.

She stated that her husband was having multiple affairs outside their marriage. Kaur revealed her husband used to physically and mentally abuse her in front of her children.

The victim of domestic violence faced continuous terror from her husband, which led her to take her own life. Alongside Kaur’s video, her partner Ranjodhbeer is seen wrestling and beating her.

Mandeep Kaur Domestic Violence

According to Kaur, her husband had multiple extramarital affairs. After each more minor confrontation, her husband was angry and would take his frustration upon her.

Also, her husband’s parents were not keen on saving her from continuous beating and thrashing; rather, they seemed to empower her husband to abuse her more.

Hence, after continuous thrashing and abuse in her eight years of marriage. She gave up today and chose death rather than living with her husband, Ranjodbeer Singh Sandhu.

A video released on Youtube shows her husband abusing Mandeep. He says he is frustrated and angry that his wife could not give him a son and that he hates his two girls.

Mandeep Kaur Age Details

Mandeep is 30 years old. The cause of death has been declared a suicide, but the pressure of domestic violence shows her husband’s precedent and indirect participation.

The in-laws of Mandeep Kaur, Kuldeepraj Kaur Sandhu, and Mukhtar Singh Sandhu seem to have fled their village in Bariya Bijnore, UP, after getting a call from their son.

Mandeep’s two daughters, four and six years old, are under the guardianship of their father. However, the community is raising its voice against the violence and abuse done by Mandeep’s partner.

Marriage is a sacred vow where both parties agree to take care of each other in sickness and health, but a tragic demise depicts the picture of the real world.

A beautiful soul like Mandeep Kaur had to opt for suicide instead of seeking justice for the acts committed by her husband, Sandhu.

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