What Happened To Anthony Presley? Award Winning Photographer Health And Update Today

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What Happened To Anthony Presley? Award Winning Photographer Health And Update Today

Anthony Presley was an award-winning photographer and filmmaker. In 2019, he was among the Top 35 photographers in the United States and won 17 awards.

Presley has worked with many publications, and his work is available for Home and Office Decor. He is renowned for adding a Neo-Noir flair to his works and is best known for capturing the beauty of Memphis, Tennessee, his hometown. The photographer’s most famous masterpiece is named ‘Memphis Noir.’ It documents the cinematic aspects of the lovely city.

Is Anthony Presley Death Or Still Alive Today?

Some websites have posted obituaries in Anthony Presley’s name. They claim he died on Friday, July 22, 2022.

A Facebook post from Presley’s friend, Terence Elmore, says that the photographer is no more in the world.

Anthony Presley has not been active on his social media handle recently. He has not posted any photos of the cities.

Presley last made a post on April 26, 2022, that shows a picture of Little Italy in New York City. He has also hinted about his new project in the caption. The Memphis-based photographer had been working in his One Night in New York Series.

Surprisingly, Presley has been inactive on his Instagram for almost three months. He frequently updates his profile as a photographer. However, his fans have not seen his masterwork in a very long time.

Considering Presley’s long sabbatical from photography, new rumors have arrived on the Internet. Fans are worried if their favorite photographer has died. Nevertheless, there has been no such announcement from Presley’s family.

What Happened To Anthony Presley?

Anthony Presley’s death cause has not arrived on the Internet. His family is yet to release an authorized statement about his death on the Internet.

The photographer had begun the One Night in New York Series in October 2021. He posted five photos of the city’s famous areas like Chinatown and Little Italy. Before his New York project, her traveled to Tokyo, Japan, for his Part of my Dream World Photography Series.

Two months ago, Presley wrote a blog about his travel to Japan and shared 30 beautiful pictures from Tokyo.

As mentioned on Borepanda.com, Presley said: ‘I was finally able to fulfill my childhood fantasy and let myself get swallowed by this marvelous country. When I stepped out of the Tokyo train station, I could not stop myself from tearing up because the desire I have been holding for the past 20 years was finally within my grasp.’

The photographer claimed he returned to Japan and wanted to convey a tale about how much the nation influenced his career as an artist.

Who Is Anthony Presley? His Wikipedia

Anthony Presley is a native of Memphis, Tennessee. From his most recent Instagram post, we knew he was working on a One Night in New York Series project. However, as of 2022, the photographer could live in any part of the world.

Neon Lights by Night by Anthony Presley — “In his ‘Dream World‘ series, the photographer immortalises Japanese streets, showcasing their cinematic lighting.“ #PenMagazineInternational https://t.co/HW2ktO3UCj https://t.co/PzreOI7W8J

In 2019, Anthony graduated from the Art Institute of Chicago with a BA in fine studio arts. His movies were accepted at over 30 film festivals, including the Chicago International Film Festival. Similarly, his photographs have been featured in 20 group exhibitions.

Presley’s works were nominated for different awards. He has received 17 honors, including the Best Horror Short Film at the Top Short Film Festival and the Photography Award from the Experimental Fringe Film Festival.

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