What Happened To Jho Rovero? Andrew Schimmer Wife Illness & Health Update

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What Happened To Jho Rovero? Andrew Schimmer Wife Illness & Health Update

Most fans are curious about the illness of Jho Rovero, famously known for being the wife of actor Andrew Schimmer.

Jho Rover is a well-known fitness model and an actress. She is married to a caring husband name Andrew Schimmer.

Andrew is a famous entertainer from Filipino who is best known for assuming a part in Beautiful Justice, Descendants of the and Kapag Nahit Ang Puso. He has managed to maintain a good fan base through his profession.

Schimmer’s wife is currently fighting the disease name mental hypoxia in recent days. She is now admitted and getting medical treatment in the hospital.

In this article, let’s learn about Andrew Schimmer’s beautiful wife, Jho Rovero’s health condition.

What Happened To Jho Rovero?

Famous model Jho Rovero is currently suffering from an illness named mental hypoxia.

Jho Rovero is currently fighting this illness as of August 12, 2022. This disease, named mental hypoxia, makes her health condition worst.

Mental hypoxia usually occurs when there is not enough oxygen in the brain. This sickness can happen when someone is drowning, choking, suffocating, or in cardiac arrest. This disease can take down the life of people.

Rovero had suffered a severe asthma attack, which caused her cardiac arrest, cerebral hypoxia, and other complications.

Jho is receiving therapy for his cerebral hypoxia condition in the hospital. She has been receiving treatment in the emergency until being observed for the past 24 hours.

Quick Facts To Know About Andrew Schimmer’s Wife Jho Rovero

Real Name Jho Rovero
Relationship Status Married
Husband Andrew Schimmer
Profession Actress And Model
Facebook @Jhorhomy

Details To Know About Andrew Schimmer’s Wife Jho Rovero Illness And Health Updates

Andrew Schimmer’s wife, Jho Rovero, is still nasty and fighting mental hypoxia.

Through his social media accounts, he kept his followers informed on Jho Roveros’s health condition. The actor’s wife is now fighting a severe illness.

The situation actor Andrew Schimmer is currently facing is grave because his wife was admitted to the hospital. Most of the actor’s fans commented that his wife would get well soon.

Andrew is on Facebook with the nameĀ John Andrew Schille (Romanza Braganza). The actor uploaded a recent picture of his wife, wishing for her speedy recovery.

The actress suffered from this hypoxia in November 2021. The video Andrew uploaded on the internet has gone viral on social media. The picture, The pictures, unfortunately, show that her condition is getting worse.

Moreover, heart attacks and accidents affecting brain oxygen might result in hypoxia. It is a severe illness that may cause permanent brain damage if not treated.

Is Jho Rovero Sick And Still Hospitalized?

Jho Rovero has been a patient at Luke’s Medical center since November 2021.

Jho Rovero has been confined to a hospital bed for several months after having many asthma episodes that caused her to go into cardiac arrest and experience hypoxia.

Rovero’s husband shared a Facebook video of himself taking care of his wife on June 13, 2022. Many of the actor’s followers expressed their dismay at the video and hoped for their quick recovery.

Andrew posted on Facebook that he is seeking financial help to pay his wife’s medical bill. Andrea Mari Schimmer created the GoFundMe page on Charline Capin’s behalf.

In addition, the actor’s wife is getting good treatment in the hospital. We hope Jho Rover will get well soon.

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