What Happened To Mark Van Dongen Face? Death Or Alive, Where Is Acid Attack Victim Now?

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What Happened To Mark Van Dongen Face? Death Or Alive, Where Is Acid Attack Victim Now?

Mark Van Dongen, a Dutch Engineer, became a victim of an acid attack in 2015. He had suffered severe injuries that no one could imagine.

At Bristol Crown Court, Dongen’s girlfriend, Berlinah Wallace, was found guilty of purposely hurling an acidic substance. But why did she destroy his life? Continue to know everything below.

Mark Van Dongen Acid Attack: Is He In Coma Or Death?

Mark Van Dongen is dead. He ended his life fifteen days after he faced the brutal acid attack.

The 29-year-old engineer was paralyzed from his neck down; he had lost a leg, ear, and eye from the Vitriolage. He spent more than four months in a coma.

Dongen died by euthanasia – a practice of ending a patient’s life to limit suffering. Following the application’s approval by three doctors who determined Mark fit the criterion for “unbearable physical and psychological suffering.”

He took his last breath at a Belgian hospital on January 3, 2017.

Berlinah Wallace, Dongen’s girlfriend, was found guilty of tossing sulphuric acid. She poured the substance on Mark while he slept. Ultimately, Dongen experienced numerous physical and emotional issues. He eventually decided in 2017 to commit assisted suicide.

Wallace was a fashion student originally from South Africa. She met Mark five years earlier via a dating website for HIV people as both suffered the condition.

Mark Van Dongen’s Before And After Face Photo

After the acid attack, Mark Van Dongen’s face got entirely scorched. Twenty-five percent of his body was destroyed, as seen in his photos. His damaged skin was surgically removed.

When Dongen arrived at the medical facility, he could ultimately see his injuries. He screamed and begged and did not want to live.

Many of his photos are unsuitable for public viewing; only a few have been published in the news.

His body and limbs were paralyzed from the neck bottom at the hands of Berlinah Wallace. After the incident, the Dutch engineer went into depression; his mental health deteriorated severely. According to the police, Wallace had tossed a tumbler of sulfuric acid, which was 98 percent pure.

Charges On Berlinah Wallace- Why Did She Attack Her Boyfriend?

Berlinah Wallace was convicted to life in prison. It was the first time anyone had been sentenced to life for an acid attack.

The investigation revealed that Mark was in a turbulent relationship with Berlin. Two broke up multiple times, and Wallace received mixed signals from Mark. Instead of reiterating their five-year relationship, he returned to announce that he was moving in with Violet Farquharson, 46, his new girlfriend.

In the weeks before the attack, Dongen had also filed a case against Wallace for harassment and blackmail. He claimed that Wallace had threatened his new girlfriend.

It was proven that Wallace was jealous of Dongen and his new relationship, and in agony, she tried to destroy her exes’ life.

The police investigation showed that she had been researching Sulphuric acid. The findings revealed that more than 82 websites were searched from Wallace’s browser. In addition, the fashion student had purchased a bottle of acid from Amazon.

On May 23, 2018, Berlinah Wallace was found guilty based on all reliable evidence.

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