Who Is Amir Sidawi? Jerusalem Shooting Suspect Arrested, Americans Injured

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Who Is Amir Sidawi? Jerusalem Shooting Suspect Arrested, Americans Injured

A Palestinian man, Amir Sidawi, was arrested in charge of shooting and wounding eight people in a shooting attack outside Jerusalem’s Old City overnight.

After challenging and long hours of search of the suspect, The press service of Israeli Police announced the person turned himself over to security forces on Sunday morning. The brutal attack was carried out targeting a bus near King David’s Tomb near the Western Wall.

Among the injured people, a pregnant woman in her 30s is in serious condition battling death, and a 60 years old man is also in critical care.

Who Is Amir Sidawi? Jerusalem Shooting Suspect Arrested

The prime suspect of the gruesome Jerusalem shooting was apprehended by Police and kept in custody for further investigation.

Amir Sidawi, the man behind the shooting terror attack in Jerusalem, turned himself in along with the gun which was used to attack the people.

As per the statement of Hebrew media, Amir took a taxi to a police station, where he handed over himself in front of officers. Security forces were conducted in search of the suspect, but he surrendered himself with a weapon he used in the attack.

Along with Sidawi, his relative was also arrested, and his arrest continued until Tuesday. Further interrogation with the terrorist is ongoing, and investigators wish to learn where he got the firearm.

According to the court hearing, a native of East Jerusalem will remain in custody until the following Monday, August 22.

Americans Injured In The Attack, More On The Incident

The attack on Israel’s capital city frightened the people from the town, which left eight people injured; among them, two were in critical care.

The gunman began firing at two different scenes, first at a bus waiting in a parking place near the Western Wall. From the first fire, two male passengers were wounded moderately.

According to the bus driver, Daniel Kanievsky, he wanted to drive quickly away from the scene, but he could not resist helping a disabled passenger in a wheelchair board the bus.

The bus door was open, and the gunman opened fire again nearby, wounding another six people. Is it not heartbreaking?

Four of them come from the same family in the United States. Israeli Police immediately admitted victims to the hospitals around the capital for treatment.

Among the wounded people, one man with gunshot wounds to the head and neck is in serious condition, and another pregnant lady, shot in her stomach, is also struggling to survive.

Doctors conducted emergency surgery, and the newborn was in serious but stable condition.

Earlier, Prime Minister Yair Lapid spoke with Barlev and police brass and said the culprit needs to pay the price for any harming of civilians.

Even though Police forces and the IDF are working to maintain peace within the capital and a center of tourism for all religions, this kind of attack shattered the whole country.

About Amir Sidawi Age and Family

A 26-year-old East Jerusalem Resident, Amir Sidawi, is identified as a gunman in a bus shooting in Jerusalem.

Some online portals reported that the attacker had no previous security record but had been jailed for five years for criminal offenses.

The attack took place about a week after the launch of Operation Breaking Dawn, but the motive of this attack is still to be revealed.

No information about the gunman’s family is available, but his relatives were also arrested related to this case. Amir had past criminal records and looked like an aggressive boy with a short temper.

Obviously, his family was disheartened by the brutal crime of their child, but they did not come into the public eye even after their son’s arrest.

We hope to provide you with additional details on Amir Sidawi’s family in the coming days.

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