Who Is Jack Stanton Gleaves? Bell 407 Helicopter Accident & Jack Fenton’s Friend Details Here

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Who Is Jack Stanton Gleaves? Bell 407 Helicopter Accident & Jack Fenton’s Friend Details Here

Jack Stanton Gleaves was traveling with three friends back from Mykonos to a place close to Athens, and one of his friends Jack Fenton, died in a helicopter accident last night.

Jack Fenton, 22, who had just returned with three friends from the popular tourist destination of Mykonos, was struck when he stepped behind the Bell 407 helicopter at 6.20 p.m. on July 25, 2022, in Athens while its engines were still running.

Greek investigators claimed that despite ground staff warnings, the Oxford Brooks student returned to the runway after safely disembarking to take a selfie and fell into a rotating blade.

The Oxford Brookes student and his three friends James Yeabsley, 19, Max Savage, 20, and Jack Stanton Gleaves, 20,  got out of the chopper.

Who Is Jack Stanton Gleaves?

Jack Stanton Gleaves is a friend of Jack Fenton, who tragically died in Greece after walking into a helicopter’s rotating rotor blade.

Together with Jack Stanton’s three friends Jack Fenton, 22, James Yeabsley, 19, and Max Savage, 20, Jack Stanton Gleaves had left the helicopter.

However, an investigator reported that Fenton is thought to have returned alone to the runway where the aircraft was still running after getting off the helicopter and disregarded instructions to stop.

The four passengers in the helicopter reportedly intended to fly from Athens International airport back to Britain.

Jack Stanton Gleaves, who was in the same helicopter as Jack, claimed that “no orders were given” when he stepped outside the aircraft, and he said he had no idea why his friend turned toward the rear blade.

The group was allegedly taken away from the chopper, according to the Greek government, but Jack Fenton was immediately on his phone as he hurried back towards the car.

Police are looking into the possibility that the young man was attempting to take a selfie with the helicopter as part of their investigation.

Bell 407 Helicopter Accident: Jack Fenton Killed In Helicopter Accident

Following a flight from the island of Mykonos to a private helipad near Athens last evening, Jack Fenton, a 22-year-old from Kent, reportedly stepped towards the back of the helicopter to take a selfie.

According to reports, Jack was killed by the blade of a Bell 407 helicopter after walking behind the helicopter while its engine was still running.

The pilot and helipad employees have been questioned by the authorities, who are looking into any potential fault. Jack resided in Kent’s Staplehurst.

He had recently graduated from Oxford Brookes University with a degree in PE and Sports Coaching.

According to the state news agency of Greece, ANA, the pilot of the helicopter, and two ground crew members who were employed at the private heliport have now been taken into custody for interrogation.

Who Are Jack Fenton Friends?

Jack Fenton and his three friends Jack Stanton-Gleaves, 20, James Yeabsley, 19, and former Bournemouth University student Max Savage, 20, were in the helicopter intended to depart from Athens International Airport.

JUST IN: A 22-year-old #British tourist, Jack Fenton was killed after he was cut into pieces by helicopter blades at an airport in #Greece on Monday. https://t.co/z37dYJzUBU\\

He was reportedly returning from the Greek island of Mykonos with three companions as his parents followed in a helicopter.

Jack’s mother, Victoria, explained to MailOnline that the family is “totally saddened” by the loss of their “beautiful child,” who attended the £36,000-per-year Sutton Valence boarding school in Maidstone.

Victoria spoke to MailOnline from her home in Tonbridge, Kent. A Greek police spokeswoman then informed The Telegraph that “all three face allegations of negligent homicide.

They were moved this morning to Athens, where a court hearing will take place. The judge will decide whether to free them or keep them in detention.The cause of the accident is still being looked into.

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