Who Is Victor Pena Victim Olivia Ambrose From Boston? He Got Sentenced For 29 to 39 Years

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Who Is Victor Pena Victim Olivia Ambrose From Boston? He Got Sentenced For 29 to 39 Years

Know about Olivia Ambrose, the woman held hostage and assaulted by Victor Pena for three days in January 2019.

The jury of Suffolk Superior Court sentenced the Boston-based convicted criminal Victor Pena to 29 to 39 years in prison.

Last week, the court finalized the court trial when the judge declared the verdict of a long-term imprisonment sentence to Pena, who was charged with multiple crimes. According to NBC Boston, he kidnapped a woman and held her captive for three days in January 2019.

After keeping her hostage, the Boston-based man sexually assaulted her multiple times over the three days until the police rescued the woman. Sources report that the man approached Ambrose after she left the Hennesey’s bar on Sunday, January 19, and forced her to go with him.

Soon after the girl went missing, her sister filed a missing report, and with the help of surveillance footage and other hints, the police found the location and raided Pena’s apartment. He remained under custody and went through a lengthy trial, denying the allegations. The defense vouched for his mental unwellness.

Who Is Victor Pena Victim Olivia Ambrose? Boston Kidnapping Details

Victor Pena’s victim, Olivia Ambrose, is a Boston-based 26-year-old woman who was kidnapped and assaulted by the criminal.

The incident dates back to January 19, 2019, when the lady went missing from Boston’s Faneuil Hall. She was in the bar with her friends, drinking and having a good time until she left the place around 11 pm.

After her twin sister, Franny, didn’t find her the following day, she filed the missing case. Soon after, the police dug deeper and checked the security cameras. In the footage, it was clear that two men, one of which was Victor Pena, approached the lady in the street before Victor put his arms around her.

The officers traced the footage and eventually located her in the man’s Walford Way apartment. Following the house raid, they knocked on the door for around 20 minutes before Pena opened it. The officers found Pena inside his private room with the woman crying beside her.

Although she didn’t open up about the happening right after the rescue, Olivia gradually discussed her horrific moments during those three days.

Who Is Olivia Ambrose Sister?

Olivia Ambrose has a twin sister, Franny, with whom she was out drinking in the bar on the day of her kidnapping.

They were dancing and having fun together until they separated, and Olivia left the place around 11 pm, as said by Franny. She further elaborated that she was always in touch with her sister through video calls and grew concerned after she didn’t reach Olivia for a long time.

The following day, Franny went to the victim’s apartment and saw her clothes spread on the bed, which was uncommon. She quickly noticed her sister had not returned home and dialed the police.

How Is Olivia Ambrose Doing Now In 2022?

Olivia Ambrose is slowly returning to her everyday life in 2022, but her horrific experience will always remain with her.

Her family and friends have given updates about her life. They said the lady was doing okay in recovering, but it will take some time to heal and return to daily life. Olivia is terrified after the incident and wrote in her statement about losing a part of her life that she will never recover.

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