Who Was Graham Tighe? Queensland Shooting Victim And Maree Schwarz’s Son Details

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Who Was Graham Tighe? Queensland Shooting Victim And Maree Schwarz’s Son Details

Graham John Tighe is the victim of the Queensland Shooting along with his parents Mervyn Harold Schwarz and Maree Anne Schwarz.

  • Tighe is the adult son of Mervyn and Maree Schwarz, who got shot to death.
  • The person who killed the Schwarz family was the person next-door, and he is currently in custody.
  • Graham’s older brother Ross Tighe was the only survivor as he escaped the scene with a gunshot in his abdomen.

Queensland Shooting: Who Was Graham Tighe?

Graham Tighe was a victim of a Queensland shooting that took his life, and the people who shot him to death were his neighbors; the world has been a scary place where one has to think twice before trusting a nearby resident.

Graham lived every life with his parents like every individual until they met the people next door at the boundary of their properties for a discussion. Little did they know those people would wipe out the family for an undisclosed reason.

However, the police haven’t shared detailed intel relating to the victim, so insufficient information about Tighe is available on the internet. We are also unsure of how old he was when he knocked on the heavens door.

The Victim, Graham Tighe, Was Maree’s Son

Graham was the beloved son of Mervyn Harold Schwarz and Maree Anne Schwarz, and all three of them got murdered together.

We are at a loss of words for the tragic passing of the Schwarz family and feel incredibly sorry for the grief their loved ones have to suffer; may their departed souls rest easy in heaven.

Tighe’s parents purchased the property for $10 million in Queensland last year, and his name also got listed as the owner of the Shannonvale Road property.

Maree’s brother-in-law Greg Austen was devastated and shared they were terrific, down-to-earth, typical country people, well-known and loved in the area. However, the killer’s motive has been a question mark, and investigations are still ongoing; hopefully, the late victims will get justice, and the murderers will pay for their crime.

Who Is The Suspect Of Queensland Shooting?

A 59-year-old man who was a long-time resident of the area is a prime suspect arrested for the Queensland shooting, but his name has not gotten disclosed yet.

Queensland police expect to charge him over a triple fatality at a cattle property in Bogie. As per ABC News, the suspect will remain in custody unless criminal charges get laid on him concerning the case.

The murderer might face a lifetime in prison with no possible parole as he took the lives of three innocent souls, or he might receive more severe punishment; we shall remain patient unless the authorities related to the case reveal further information.

Furthermore, as per Brisbane Times, one of the Schwarz family’s neighbors had previously been found guilty of cattle duffing. Likewise, another man is in custody for opening fire at the boundary line where the shooting occurred.

Graham Tighe’s Brother Ross Tighe Was Only The Survivor

Ross is the brave brother of Graham, who fled the scene despite being the victim of the shooting; he got shot in the abdomen but still fought for his life and escaped in a vehicle.

The older Tighe got airlifted to Mackay Base Hospital, 40 kilometers away from the crime scene, where he underwent surgery and is in a serious but stable condition. We pray for his speedy recovery, and may God give him the courage to start a new life and overcome the grief.

The sole survivor gave the police his account of the incident, and he will further get questioned; hopefully, his statement will help the detectives to find the culprit and charge him for the heinous crime he committed. Moreover, Ross had his extended family, including Greg Austen, by his side in difficult times; Greg and his family appear to be taking care of him.

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